Binary Options Brokers

Below our team of traders of created a list of the Top uk regulated binary options brokersRegulated Brokers in the UK on the market today to trade binary options with. When reviewing a binary options broker, the team has looked at the following items: software, customer support, deposit methods, available assets, withdrawal time, licensing and security. Based on the reviews our editor team has created top list below. Furthermore, for more information about each brand, kindly have a look at the in-depth binary options review for each brand, which will give you the full information about each Binary Options Broker.

Brokers Name Minimum Deposit Deposit Bonus Maximum Gain Minimum Position Regulation Rating More Info
1 anyoption £250 £1,000 80% £10 FCA & CySEC


2 BdSwiss £100 £7,000 90% £10 CySEC


3 24option £250 £7,000 90% £10 CySEC


4 Opteck £250 £5,000 85% £25 CySEC, IFSC


5 binarytilt £250 £10,000 77% £10 CySEC


6 binarybrokerz £250 £10,000 77% £10 CySEC


7 ZoomTrader £250 £7,000 90% £10 CySEC


8 TopOption £250 £1,000 85% £10 FCA & CySEC


9 optionrally £250 £1,000 90% £5 CySEC



How to Trade Binary Options?

Binary options are one of the most talked about trading tools in the financial world today. Since their advent, they have quickly become a staple of the online trading world. Many beginning traders, however, are still unclear on just what binary options are and how they work. This brief article will serve as an introduction on how to trade binary options for new traders.To trade binary options, an account must first be opened on a binary brokerage site. Once your account is open and funded, trading can begin. Before any positions are opened, traders are advised to select one category of asset to begin with, and then to thoroughly educate themselves on the markets surrounding those assets.A working knowledge of the market will vastly improve your ability to correctly predict price directions. For most binary options traders, Forex currency pairs or commodities are the easiest assets to start with. Finally, a position must be opened. This is done by selecting a call or put position on the binary platform. A call position is placed if you believe that an asset will go up in price, while a put means that you believe it will go down. Analyzing the price data of the asset will help you to determine which kind of position to open. Next, an expiry time is selected. This is the length of time that the position will remain open. If the position you took is correct at the end of that expiry period, the trade will pay out. Lastly, the trade is confirmed, making it active. If you feel ready to get started trading, we highly recommend you to make sure you choose one of the uk regulated binary options brokers, such as by Financial Conduct Authority to make sure you are trading on a safe and secure platform.

Best Binary Options Brokers!

fca licensed binary options, takes big proud in that we only work with the best UK binary options brokers on the market. Our editor team, are on daily basis checking each broker to assure that they are keeping up to the standards we expect for our members and visitors of has been since 1996 one of the largest and most trusted sources for financial news and trading advice. If you have any questions about trading or the binary options brokers above, feel free to take the assistance of our live-chat support!

Understanding the Binary Options Features Offered by Brokers

In order to make sure that you are signing up with a broker that will best serve your needs, it is important to understand that there are many features and different types of binary options offered by various brokers. The first and most important features to look at when selecting a binary broker are the risk management features that are offered by that broker. Binary options can be a risky investment, but it is possible to reduce the risk by making use of a couple of key management tools. The first risk management feature you will want to look for if you are concerned about the risk of trading binary options is a one-touch trading option. In a one-touch trade, a binary option only has to hit the target price one time before the hour of expiry, as opposed to being at or past that price when the expiry hour arrives. The other common risk management tool offered by binary brokers is the ability to select from different risk levels in the trade itself. Using this kind of risk selection tool, a trader can opt for lower potential profit from a trade that finishes in the money in exchange for receiving a larger rebate if that trade finishes out of the money.

There are also many different types of binary options trading that are offered by some, but not all, brokers. One of the most popular of these is the ability to trade what are known as turbo options, which are binary options with expiry times of five minutes or less. This type of binary option allows a trader to execute more trades in a given period of time, thus increasing the potential for profit. Another very popular feature that is particularly beneficial for new traders is social trading. Social trading is a system whereby a trader can copy the trades of another trader who has proven to be successful in the past. Social trading is a great way for beginners to learn without the monetary risk of their own trial and error. Not all brokers offer turbo options or social trading, so be sure to select carefully if you want to take advantage of these features.

The Importance of Binary Broker Regulation

Sadly, binary options have gotten something of a bad reputation because of the unethical actions of a small handful of unregulated brokers. For this reason, it is very important to check any broker’s legal information to find out where and how it is regulated. One thing that is important to understand, however, is regulation under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, commonly abbreviated CySEC. Prior to 2013, Cyprus financial law did not include binary options brokers, meaning that the island attracted some of the unregulated brokers that ended up tarnishing the legitimacy of binary options trading in the public eye. Since 2013, however, CySEC has required all binary options brokers in Cyprus to submit to full regulation conforming to EU financial standards. This means that any broker regulated under CySEC is a fully licensed and thoroughly regulated financial entity, despite the earlier bad reputation that Cyprus-based brokers had received.

Other Factors to Consider in Selecting the Best Binary Options Broker

When you are selecting the broker with which you plan to execute your first trades as a binary options trader, there are a few other things to keep in mind. One aspect of a broker that should be carefully considered is the level of customer service and guidance that it offers. Some brokerage firms offer around the clock customer support and will even have trained brokers on staff to advise you in your trading, while others will offer only basic customer service. You should also review the educational tools offered by any brokerage that you are considering. If you are a new trader, there will be a certain learning curve in binary trading, particularly when it comes to analyzing graphic price data in order to determine future movements. Many brokers offer e-books, video training and even periodic live webinars to help traders learn and develop their skills in order to become more profitable. These educational tools can be critical to your success as a beginning trader, so be sure to find out what is available before registering.