Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts

Binary options brokers with high payouts offer the largest profits on in-the-money trades. But while finding platforms with the highest maximum payouts is relatively straightforward, there is more to comparing brokers than just these numbers. This guide will explore how to get the best pay rates from binaries. We also rank the highest payout binary options brokers in 2024.

Top Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts

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    AZAforex offers binary options with time-dependent payouts that can be taken out on any asset included as a CFD or spot instrument. Over 50 binary options are available with a $1 minimum stake and payouts up to 190%.

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    World Forex offers binary options where you simply decide the stake, price direction and contract timeframe. The payouts are high at up to 100% on American contracts and 85% on European, which also offers a partial refund to traders who close contracts before expiry.

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    IQCent offers binary options with above-average payouts up to 98%. The broker supports an online platform with basic analysis tools but a wide range of timeframes, from 1 minute to 1 month, catering to short and long term trading strategies. Considering the negatives, there are no binaries on stocks.

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    Videforex continues to offer binary options with 20% payouts on crypto and up to 98% on less volatile assets, beating many competitors. A wide range of contract lengths are also supported from 5 seconds up to 1 month. New users will appreciate the welcome deposit bonus.

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    CloseOption offers binary options trading on 30+ fiat and digital currencies through an easy-to-use web-based platform. 15 contract timeframes are available from 30 seconds to 1 month, suiting both short-term and long-term traders. New users also get a joining gift.

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    Focus Option offers binary options trading on 140+ instruments including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices and company shares. Contracts include 30 seconds, 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr, end of day, and long-term contracts up to 30 days. Decent payouts typically climb to 95%. The browser-based platform is beginner-friendly with sophisticated analysis tools.

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    RaceOption offers 100+ binaries with decent payouts up to 95% and ultra-fast expiries from 5 seconds. With a $250 minimum deposit, clients can enjoy free deposits, fast withdrawals and a range of trading bonuses.

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    BinaryCent provides binary options trading on a range of markets through a slick proprietary platform. Traders can invest as little as $0.10 per trade and earn payouts up to 95%, and these are excellent terms that accommodate casual and low-capital traders while allowing profit opportunities.

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    Pocket Option offers ultra-short-term binaries from 5 seconds on one of the simplest web platforms for beginners. Payouts rival alternatives at 90%+ while the ‘Double Up’ and ‘Rollover’ features provide further opportunities to profit. Considering the negatives, the suite of 130+ assets trails binary brokers like Quotex, which offer 400+.

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    Dukascopy offers binary options on currency pairs, stocks and indices, alongside powerful trading tools and market insights. User gets flexible contract sizes and deposits are protected by EU law, though the $1000 starting investment is higher than alternatives.

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    Trade high-low binary options contracts on currencies, metals and cryptos with high payouts. Binaries offer a straightforward bet on the short-term direction of an asset.

How High Payout Binary Options Brokers Work

Investing through binary options brokers involves staking funds on all-or-nothing contracts. Traders will stake capital on a prediction regarding the movement in the price of a particular asset within a specified time frame. If the prediction is correct, the trader will receive a payoff typically ranging from 60% of their bet up to around 95%.

Both stakes and payouts are determined before a position is placed based on the specific asset, contract expiry time and platform used.

Typical Binary Options Payouts

As previously mentioned, most binary options firms offer payouts ranging between 60% and 95%. This is because these companies will bet against investors on binary options contracts, which often trade over-the-counter (OTC). As a result, brands operate on the probability that, over large numbers of trades, around 50% of contracts will be won by clients.

As there are typically no trading fees with binary options contracts, offering a 100% payout is not sustainable for most providers to make a profit. Platforms also usually offer lower payouts on volatile assets like cryptos and on ultra-short-term binaries.

High Binary Options Payouts

Despite the above, some binary options brokers with high payouts will go as high as 98% or even 100+%. While this reduces or even eliminates the profit margin of investor positions, these higher payouts can attract more clients.

Moreover, using variants such as ladder, boundary and chain contracts, investors can exceed the typical payout limits and receive up to 400% payouts.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that payouts of 100%+ are only available on select assets under the right market conditions. Brands can normally only offer payouts in excess of 100% when a large number of investors open trades in one direction. If the broker is confident the trade will indeed finish in that direction, then they may offer high payouts in the opposite direction.

How To Check A Broker’s Payouts

Binary options brokers with high payouts will often be transparent about the levels they offer. This is because their payouts are a major selling point over their competition. Therefore, the maximum payout percentages each firm offers will usually be on the homepage of their websites, as well as any major pages like account types, trading platforms and asset pricing.

From within a binary options trading platform, the broker will also display the payout of a contract before you place your order. For example, the red box in the platform below shows the payout opportunity in the contract parameters. Some platforms will even provide lists of available assets that can be sorted by payouts, so you know where the most money is to be made.

Binary options brokers with high payouts can offer lucrative trading rewards

Payout Demo

Comparing High Payouts

Investors should look beyond the maximum payout value when comparing binary options brokers with high payouts. Instead of simply being drawn to large potential winnings, our experts have found it best to make like-for-like comparisons between firms on common assets and time frames.

For example, while the promise of 400% payouts on may be attractive, investors should note that this payout is only available on EPIC markets. This is because these assets do not track any security in real-time and this payout is only available when using a “Chain” contract, which costs an extra daily fee.

When comparing the payout for an asset that can be effectively analysed and consistently traded, such as GBP/EUR, other platforms with lower maximum payouts may offer better like-for-like returns.

This sentiment is not limited to While using various binary options brokers with high payouts, we have found it best to open demo accounts with several top-rated firms, platforms and exchanges.

How To Get The Highest Binary Options Payout

Regardless of the broker, there are some universal ways in which investors can maximise their payouts:

Asset Choice

As demonstrated in our EPIC market example, an investor’s choice of asset type can significantly impact the payout received for a correct price prediction. Most binary options brokers with high payouts offer a wide selection of markets to trade, including forex, crypto, equities and indices. Different firms will offer higher payouts on specific markets.

When we used some of the leading binary options brokers with high payouts, we found that speculating on stocks offered some of the highest results, with forex returns also lucrative. Our experts also found variance within these markets, with more liquid stocks and major forex pairs often yielding higher payouts.

Contract Length

Another attribute that can affect payouts is binary options contract lengths. Investors looking for the highest payouts from binary options contracts should favour companies that offer short-term, also known as turbo, contracts. These durations tend to offer higher payouts.

Examples of shorter-length contracts are 30-second or 1-minute binary options strategies, while some brokers offer contracts with expiry times as low as 5 seconds or even 1 second. Traders can access payouts close to 100% using contracts of this length.

However, markets are often harder to predict in the very short term. As a result, investors should balance the opportunity for higher potential payouts with their ability to accurately predict price movements in this time frame.


While many binary options brokers with high payouts use simple up/down contracts, those with the largest may offer alternative variants, such as boundary, chain, no-touch or exchange trade contracts. The added complexity of these derivative types is balanced by higher payouts of up to 400%.

Comparing Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts

While choosing a binary options broker with high payouts is important to creating a profitable binary options strategy, here are some other key factors to consider when deciding on a provider:

Safety & Regulation

As the binary options trading space is one of the least regulated in the industry, choosing a legitimate broker with adequate protection is important. Often, fraudulent firms will tempt traders with claims of being safe binary options brokers with high payouts that seem too good to be true.

Instead, we recommend that investors favour companies with positive reviews from trusted sites. Additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), can also protect accounts from fraudulent access.

Payment Options & Fees

Investors may wish to make regular deposits and withdrawals to binary options brokers with high payouts to better manage their investing budget. In addition, after receiving a high payout, clients may want to quickly and cheaply withdraw their winnings.

When looking at a binary options brokers with high payouts list, finding a provider with trusted funding options in your local currency should be a priority.

Security-conscious investors may feel more at ease using an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller as an intermediary, rather than giving a site their credit card details.

Markets & Assets

Some binary options brokers with high payouts may not support your favoured markets or assets, whether it be a specific forex pair, crypto token or commodities market.

Try binary options demo accounts with prospective firms to explore the supported markets before making a deposit.


Many binary options brokers with high payouts offer new customers lucrative bonuses so they sign up for their platform. As well as this, deposit bonuses for existing customers are commonplace.

A deposit bonus is a great way to make the most of your funds. However, investors should ensure that they are familiar with the terms of a bonus scheme. This is because some companies lock real funds from being withdrawn until hefty wagering requirements are met.

Bottom Line On High Payout Binary Options Brokers

While signing up to any binary options brokers with high payouts is tempting, we encourage traders to make like-for-like comparisons between platforms and services. This is because the firms with the very highest payouts may have lower offers for your preferred assets, contract types and contract lengths. In addition, features like fast, low-fee payment options and broker reputation should also be considered when choosing from the top binary options brokers with high payouts.


Can Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts Offer 100% Rewards?

Some brokers offer binary options variants that yield up to 400% payouts for correct price predictions. However, most simple binary options contracts yield payouts of up to 95%.

Which Are The Best Assets For Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts?

Many binary options brokers with high payouts offer over 90% returns. Investors should focus on trading liquid equities such as US stocks and major forex pairs to get the highest payouts on offer. In contrast, volatile cryptos typically offer lower returns.

How Do I Choose From Binary Options Brokers With The With Highest Payouts?

Investors focus on important secondary elements, such as security, available markets and supported deposit and withdrawal methods.

What Are The Best Binary Options Brokers With High Payouts?

There is no single best firm for every investor out there; each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, we recommend these binary options brokers with high payouts.