Privacy Policy

The following page outlines our privacy policy, cookies policy and how it affects users.

What Information do we collect from You?

We collect a limited amount of data about each user that visits our site.

a)    We collect the IP address, browse time, browser type, referral source and page views of each user that uses our website.  The data is largely anonymous and we cannot identify a particular identity to a website visit.

b)   Any contact details that you provide us when signing up to our weekly newsletter will be collected by us.  Please note that will do not share this information with anyone nor third parties that ask us for it.

c)    Information that you post on the site (e.g. comments, questions, email address, forum threads) may be stored by us.

d)   Any additional feedback or contact information that you voluntarily provide when you contact us.

Cookies and Tracking Links

Our website uses a number of different cookies and affiliate tracking links which are necessary for the functioning and monetization of our website.

a)    Google Analytics and Get Clicky is used to breakdown and analyzes the traffic, visitor length, page views, referral sources and geographic location of our users.  This requires placing a small, harmless cookie file on your computer.

b)   Affiliate tracking links are used on most of the comparison tables and promotions offered on our site.  When a user click on an affiliate link to a third party website promoted on our site, a small tracking cookie is downloaded on to your computer for a period of normally 30-60 days.  This helps us track conversions to third party websites and compensate us for referring traffic.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at anytime without notifying our users.  It is your responsibility to regularly check our privacy policy for changes in the future.

For more information about the ways in which we respect your privacy, please use our contact page to get in touch with us here.