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Welcome to Investing.co.uk – one of UK`s leading website for financial news, investment guides and market quotes!  Launched in 1996, we aim to be the no.1 investment, trading and financial portal in the UK.

There is a wealth of information available to investors, much of it online. An internet search on any asset will reveal dozens of sites dedicated to that asset. But therein lays a big problem. Investors understand the importance of diversification, but then have to spend hours researching investment opportunities, rules, and regulations, by individual asset or instrument. This is a massive failing of the investor by the investment community. And then most of the available content is made inaccessible by experts writing for experts. This site puts these anomalies right.

Investing.co.uk is the perfect site for all investors, whether you are just starting out or currently have a portfolio worth millions.

Our team discuss the things that matter to all, from how to invest, to what to invest in, and even when to invest. By searching these pages you’ll learn the tips and tricks that it has taken our writers years to perfect. You’ll also find the way we cross link articles makes navigating the site easier and more enjoyable, and as a consequence you’ll discover new opportunities for your investment cash that you never realised existed.

Investing.co.uk is here to help you make sense of your investment options so your investment decisions are better considered and more profitable. And as we are independent, you can be sure you receive full, unbiased information every time.

In order to maintain the website as a free-to-access resource, we do have a number of partnerships with some of the brands on our pages. This mean we may receive compensation if a visitor then goes on to open an account with one of our partners.

This does not cost the visitor anything, and is a mechanism that allows us to ensure our information is free for everyone. Our reviews are written by experienced, active traders/writers and the review findings are not impacted or influenced by these partnerships.

An Investment in Information

We discuss the different asset classes, what sort of market conditions might favour each of them, and you’ll learn how to be ahead of the game. Time in the markets may be important to produce optimum investment returns but so, too, is timing.

You’ll find tips on savings and savings products, investing in property, and a mine of information about precious metal investing.

We don’t leave equities out, either. In fact, our equities guide is probably the best available on the market today, as are our guides on all the other investible assets that we cover.

Our articles and guides will walk you through the rules of investing, from the basics to investment strategies involving more complex financial instruments.

We look at business, politics, and the economy. We explain how the different markets work – equities, forex, commodities, property, and metals. And we discuss what moves different financial instruments – shares, options, futures, ETFs, warrants, bonds, etc – and how to use them to their best advantage in your portfolio. It’s a refreshing and unique top down approach to investment education and explanation.

Then the ‘evergreen’ content is augmented by commentary and analysis when it matters most.

Expert Advice that puts you in the Driving Seat

We use only the very best writers in their field. We have a combination of writers contributing in their own name or as ghosts, and each with the experience and passion for their area of expertise that will make a difference to you.

Our writers have dozens of years of direct experience covering all the major facets of investing and investments. They currently have, or have had, careers which span the globe. Many have worked as equity market makers, forex traders, and institutional salespersons. Then there are those who have trained and coached at some of the world’s leading dealers. We have writers who have had careers at large multinational investment houses and others that have achieved their success at boutique funds.

The expertise we employ to bring you the investment information that makes a real difference is just one more thing that sets us apart from anything else you’ll encounter on the World Wide Web.

Putting you in control

We know that investments are likely to increase in importance as the world moves to longer dated retirement and a less stable work environment. This is why we put you in control of site content.

We welcome comments and questions from visitors to the site. If you have an investment question you want answered, then why not email us and we’ll endeavour to get the answer on our site as soon as possible? Our expertise will soon become your expertise.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us on support@investing.co.uk.


The Investing.co.uk Team