Binary Options Trading Journal

Binary options trading journals are helpful tools that can be used to review and refine strategies and improve profits. Binary options traders essentially use journals to analyse their past trades and pinpoint areas for improvement, which is particularly useful for beginners. This guide explains what a binary options journal should contain, alongside template options, from free software to Excel downloads.

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What Is A Binary Options Trading Journal?

A binary options journal is a tool that allows you to track your investing activity to see what kinds of trades are successful and where you are making mistakes. A good binary options journal will collate key information, from the underlying assets to position sizes, payouts/losses, and contract lengths.

How you want to keep your binary options trading journal is up to you – it can be done with pen and paper in a physical notebook, or the data can be manually entered online into a spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets.

There are also digital applications that provide an easy service to track and store your binary options trading information, such as Edgewonk (from $169 per year) and TraderSync (from $359.40 per year). Some software, TraderSync included, can also be linked to your brokerage account, recording your trading history automatically with no manual inputs needed.

Ultimately, the method used depends on the binary options trader, who will have to weigh up the convenience and benefits of each method against any costs or disadvantages.

What To Include In A Binary Options Trading Journal

What you include in your binary options trading journal is up to you, and the more you use it the more you will become aware of the parts you find useful.

While some traders note only objective and quantitative data such as the type of trade and its outcome, others also choose to record emotions and how they were feeling at the time of the trade to see if a pattern occurs in winning and losing binary options trades.

Over time, you can add new things to your binary options journal or take categories out as you identify the most important factors for you. However, here are some of the core things you can include:

  • The underlying asset, e.g. forex, stocks, metals or cryptos
  • The binary options product, e.g. high/low, ladder, range, touch/no-touch
  • The direction of the trade, e.g. up/down
  • The size of the bet/stake, e.g. $100
  • The expiry date and time, e.g. 04/11 at 14:00
  • The reason for making the trade, e.g. the technical indicators and analysis
  • The outcome of the trade, e.g. in-the-money vs out-of-the-money
  • The size of the profit or loss, e.g. $75 win on a 75% payout
  • The emotions/motivation behind the trade, e.g. fear of missing out on an emerging crypto

While not all of these will be necessary for everyone, a binary options journal that contains these components can help you to identify why you might have traded in a particular way, as well as forcing you to examine whether you are trading strategically or emotionally.

If you notice a pattern of placing trades based on fear or greed, for example, then you can work towards a different mindset, or even try an alternative strategy to become more objective.

Note, as a beginner to binary options trading, you may wish to keep your journal simple, and then add more categories as you become more adept.

Creating & Maintaining A Binary Options Trading Journal

Below are some of the best tips for creating an effective binary options journal, as well as how to maintain it.


A successful binary options trading journal is about more than just the content – one of the most important features of a great journal is a clear format that makes for easy comparisons. This is where the pen-and-paper method becomes harder, because a grid structure is far easier for keeping track of what you did.

The key is not to write the trading strategy out in story form but to keep it in a table that is easy to compare. This also becomes more challenging when it comes to qualitative data like how you were feeling, meaning it’s best to keep this as concise as possible.

Keeping format in mind, we recommend using a spreadsheet or downloading digital software to organise your data and make comparisons, which can be found for free or with fees. If you still prefer pen and paper, try printing a table template from an online PDF spreadsheet and writing it there.

Journal Software

In 2024, you don’t need to make the process of writing in a binary options journal at all complicated. We recommend using software that is specifically programmed to record your trading data and which can be easily used to make comparisons and glean insights.

Even better, you can link some of these apps to your binary options account so that the trades can be automatically recorded into a table download. If budget is an issue, an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet template can be used for a similar purpose, but this will take more time as you will need to manually input data.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a great binary options trading journal is reflecting on what drives you to make trades, and what might lead you to make bad decisions that lose you money. Knowing this about yourself, you will gain a deeper insight into why your trades succeed or fail, and you can work to ensure that they do not influence you in the future. In this way, binary options journals can become very personal, based on what makes you act in a certain way when trading online.

Mark Losses

Seeing what went right is great for figuring out what you can replicate for another good trade, but there is even more to be learned from looking at what went wrong.

In your binary options trading journal, mark your losses clearly and highlight the commonalities between them – this will show you which parts of your strategy aren’t working, for example, short-term binaries in highly volatile markets, such as cryptocurrencies.

Benefits Of A Binary Options Trading Journal

  • Improved Strategy – Part of being a successful trader is having a more effective binary options strategy than your competitors. Using a journal makes it easier to update and adapt your trading system, which is a key to gaining an edge. If your binary options journal helps you to identify more accurate indicators and signals than the ones used by traders in the same niche, then you are more likely to make money on your trades.
  • Record Of Old Systems – Binary options traders can often set up a specific strategy and then tweak and adapt it on the fly or fully switch to different tactics if they experience some losses. Without a binary options journal, it will not be easy to remember the strategies you used, whether they worked or not, and the contexts you used them in. Having a way to look back on which systems worked or didn’t work can help you refine your strategy for future trades.
  • Increased Efficiency – Every binary options trader is on the lookout for ways that will help them improve their win rate, and a trading journal can be an effective way of doing that. While a binary options journal is not a magic bullet and requires work and discipline, it will allow you to log where you might be going wrong so that you can start making better trades. For example, if you can track that you consistently make more winning trades on stocks than on currencies, that might help you decide either to spend more time on equities or to refine and develop your forex game. Likewise, you can use a binary options journal to find and address other factors that affect your win rate, such as the time of day, type of binary options contract, indicators used, and more.

Bottom Line On Binary Options Trading Journals

If you are looking to improve your binary options trading game, starting a journal is a good way to get going. A good binary options journal will help you to monitor your trades, update your strategy where needed, and widen your skillset. It can also prove to be a particularly useful tool for beginners starting out. Use this article to start documenting your binary options trades today.


What Is A Binary Options Trading Journal?

A binary options trading journal is a way of recording key aspects of the binary trades you place, so that you can see what worked well in your winning trades, and what can be changed in the losing ones. Beginners can find free templates online or pay for software which automatically syncs with their trading account.

Why Should I Use A Binary Options Trading Journal?

Binary options journals can help you develop a trading strategy that is sustainable over a long period. It also allows better insight into why you trade in a certain way, so that you know what feelings might lead you towards making poor decisions.

What Should I Put In A Binary Options Trading Journal?

An effective binary options trading journal will feature vital information about every trade, such as what the trade was, its outcome, the reason you made the trade, the indicators/analysis you used, and the way you felt when you were trading. You should also record the profit/loss, the underlying market, the contract length, and any risk management tools you used.

How Do I Keep A Binary Options Trading Journal?

You can choose to keep your binary options journal in any format, from pen and paper to an Excel spreadsheet to software that records the information right from your trading account. As long as you keep the information simple and easy to compare in a table format, you will be able to see trends emerging.