ETX Capital Review

ETX Capital Review

The following ETX Capital review is an insight into the company and the pros and cons it offers.  There are a bucket load of reasons to be signing up with them although there are a few disadvantages too.

Things we consider ETX Capital to be good at:

–  New Accounts.  All new account holders receive an introductory promotion worth up to £250.  This is given to you in the form of cash back if you are in a losing position within 10 days of opening your account and depositing. Many spread betting forms to not offer anything like this and it is an excellent way to go about testing out the system without risking too much.

–  High Quality trading platform.  Not only does the trading platform that ETX have developed look great, it also functions very well too.  Many of the competitors use substandard platforms that are poorly designed (see Spreadex for example) or don’t work as well as they should.  ETX Capital on the other hand provides a very tidy unit indeed.  A number of spread betting platforms do not cut the crunch.

–  Market updates.  Every day ETX Capital sends its customers a market update informing them of all of the up and coming data and news effecting the financial world.  This can help traders make decisions on what investments to make and those to stay clear of.

–  Charting.  The charting packages available on the website are really good offering all clients an insight into detailed information on stocks, shares, interest rates and much more.  OK, there are better packages available through some of the other firms such as IG Index and so forth, but compared to the average spread betting company, the charts on offer are quite impressive.

Things that are not so good about the company:

– Spreads are not as tight as some.  If you are looking to day trade or invest on a long term basis then ETX might not be the company for you.  Only on a few markets do they offer spreads that are as good as most of the competition.  Having said this, if you are only looking to place the odd trade here and there then it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

–  Customer services are somewhat arrogant.  Having contacted the team on a number of occasions, we have found them to often be ruse and quite abrasive.  It seems as though working for a spread betting firm makes people pretty arrogant!

Anyway thanks for reading this ETX Capital Review – we hope you have found it to be both impartial and informative.

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