Volkswagen Shares Drops 17% in One Day Following Emissions Revelation

Volkswagen Shares Drops 17% in One Day Following Emissions Revelation

Volkswagen Shares Drops 17% in One Day Following Emissions Revelation Shares of Volkswagen, Germany’s largest auto manufacturer and the world’s second largest behind Toyota, plummeted on Monday following accusations from the United States Environmental Protection Agency that the company had cheated on emissions tests. Shares prices lost 17% of total value to close at $131.90, […]

Should I Invest Now that the Stock Market Sold Off?

Should I Invest Now that the Stock Market Sold Off?

In a word, yes. You should invest now. Most new investors are a bit intimidated when consider the sheer volume of wealth that trades on the world’s stock market exchanges each day. It’s common for the average person to ask how he or she should invest a small amount of money. Regardless of the amount […]

Trading Stocks with Fundamental Analysis

Trading with fundamental analysis simply means using the news to trade an asset. Stocks can be traded with fundamental analysis and just like any other financial asset, the news can make a huge difference between making profits and sustaining losses. Trading with fundamental analysis in the stock market is much different than in the forex […]

Trading Stock Indexes

Stock indexes are a measure of the performance of the biggest companies in a stock exchange. A stock index is also known as a stock market index. There are several types of stock market indexes. Understanding the function that a stock market index serves will help the trader understand how to trade the stock index. […]

Trading on the Nasdaq

What is NASDAQ? NASDAQ stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. However, the name for this exchange has been changed to just “NASDAQ”. This is where the stocks known as the “technology stocks” (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc) are all listed and traded even though in reality, there are stocks that are not even […]

Trading Micro-cap Stocks

What are Micro-cap Stocks? What are micro-cap stocks? Micro-cap stocks are stocks that are priced below $5 per share. The description of microcap stocks is sometimes used to include stocks whose values are far below $1 per share; the so-called nano stocks. Microcap stocks and nano stocks are traded on the Over the Counter Bulletin […]

Stock Dilution: What It Means for the Stock Investor

What is stock dilution? Stock dilution occurs when the number of outstanding shares in a corporate entity are increased either through conversion of instruments that are deemed convertible or through outright issuance of additional shares. This leads to a reduction in earnings per share and controlling stake of the shareholders in the company. Stock dilution […]

Assessing Stocks for Investment

Stock investment is serious business. It involves putting in money into an asset with the expectation that returns on that investment will be achieved. Generally speaking, the positions that traders will hold in stocks are long positions, which means that traders will be looking for price appreciation in order to make money from those positions. […]

Is That Share Worth Buying?

When investing, there are several ways to select the stocks to buy (or sell). You could listen to ‘Old Bob’ down the Dog and Duck: he used to work in the stock market, when business was still conducted face-to-face, so he is sure to know what he’s talking about. Then, there’s the ‘sweepstake method’: put […]

Cyclical and Defensive Stocks

Economies move in cycles. They expand, to a point where they overheat and inflation may get out of control, and then they cool down, most commonly to standstill or contraction. Growth and recession seems to be part of the modern world, and is most commonly measured by reference to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of […]