Easy Forex

Established in 2003, Easy Forex is a revolutionary platform that enables traders to trade multiple assets, which include commodities, stock indices and options, on a simple and easy to use Forex trading platform. The parent company, EF Worldwide LTD, is registered in both Cyprus and Australia, and has home offices in major cities around the globe. The following review will analyze some of the more notable features of the Easy Forex platform, as well as its customer support, withdrawal and deposit policies, and security protocols.


Easy Forex operates in the traditional manner of a Forex trading platform, which allows high leverages for trading large amounts of a currency pair at once. On Easy Forex, however, the many diverse assets allow traders much more versatility. Capital used on the platform can be leveraged at a 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200 ratio, allowing traders to make large profits with relatively low initial investments. This, combined with a minimum initial deposit of only £25 and a fairly tight spread, makes the Easy Forex platform very accessible to traders who are just starting out.

This platform is available in two basic formats: web browser based and mobile. These two different formats allow Easy Forex users to trade from home offices or on the go, which makes keeping up with price movements throughout the day very easy. The mobile platform is especially critical for short term trades, which are usually exited as soon as an asset has reached a certain profit margin. Both platform formats share common fund safety features. On each, a versatile array of tools is provided to traders to assess and manage the risk that inherently comes with leveraged trades. Easy Forex also stores all customer funds in segregated accounts, making theft of funds by hackers in the unlikely event of a security breach virtually impossible.

Customer Support

Easy Forex offers a wide range of contact options for customer support, including phone, mail, and email. Emails can be sent to different company department, depending on what questions, concerns, or complaints a sender may have. In addition to this immediate concern customer service, Easy Forex also provides its users with many different learning tools that they can use to better evaluate their individual trades and trading strategies. This learning service includes books, webinars, events, and a host of Forex training videos to help both beginners and seasoned traders improve their results.

As another part of their customer support program for beginning traders, Easy Forex also offers a demo account for learning how to trade without investing any capital. This demo account gives traders a $50,000 budget worth of theoretical money, and then allows them to trade in the markets with it exactly as they would with a real account. This gives beginners an opportunity to develop real time live market experience before they invest any of their hard earned money into the Forex market.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawals made through Easy Forex can be made in nearly any major currency, including GBP, USD, AUD, EUR, and several others. The initial deposit requirement is £25, or the equivalent in the currency of a trader’s choice. No fees are placed upon withdrawals, which will be made in the same currency as a given trader’s deposit. These transactions can be made via credit card, bank transfer, or Skrill account.

Easy Forex Bonuses

To reward traders who sign up with the company, Easy Forex offers several promotional deals every month. These promotions can vary in nature, but almost always have to do with giving traders an edge in profit on trades. Some common bonus types include profit matching up to a certain dollar amount, deposit matching, and risk free guarantees on certain types of trades.

In addition to these monthly promotions, traders on Easy Forex are consistently offered a trading balance bonus for referring a friend to the platform. If a trader refers a friend, he or she merely has to contact Easy Forex with that friend’s name and user ID to receive a trading account bonus based on the new trader’s initial deposit. Traders can earn up to a £500 account bonus for referring a friend in this manner. In fact, the new referral also receives some benefit from this program, as he or she will receive a bonus equal to 50% of the referring trader’s bonus just for having been referred by an existing trader.


Easy Forex’s easy to use platform, diverse assets, low initial deposit requirement, and helpful customer service make it an excellent trading company for both new and experienced traders. Featuring an excellent group of educational resources, the company not only provides a platform for investors to execute trades, but also the tools they need to become more successful and profitable. The company’s 12 years in the online trading business, multiple international licenses, and secure fund handling protocols are a testament to its reliability and trustworthiness. Overall, Easy Forex is a great platform for those looking to enter the Forex market.