Founded in 2008, AnyOption is among the oldest operational binary options trading platforms. The platform, owned and operated by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited and regulated by the Cypress Securities Exchange Commission has attracted hundreds of thousands of traders and investors during its time in existence. It allows new and seasoned traders alike to easily trade currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices as binary options. The platform more recently also added Bitcoin to this list of available assets. This review of AnyOption will go over the key features of the platform and the support behind it to help traders decide if AnyOption is right for them.

Trading Platform

The AnyOption platform is extremely beginner friendly, allowing even novice and first time traders to make large returns using binary options trading. A basic call or put decision is made when deciding the trade. This prediction, if correct, will yield a trader a predetermined return of 60-80%. In the event that a trader incorrectly predicts the direction of the asset at the expiry time, 5-25% of that trader’s investment will be credited back to his or her account. This is, of course, quite different that platforms that conduct all or nothing trading, in which a trader stands to lose the entire principle of his or her investment. The minimum trade amount on AnyOption is only $25, making it excellent for traders who do not want to risk too much capital in the markets.

In addition to traditional call and put trades with a set expiry time, AnyOption also offers some exciting and innovative trading options that allow traders to customize their trading strategies. One such option is one touch trading, which allows users to select a price point that an asset will reach at least once during a particular period of time before expiry. Such trades are not as simple as the usual calls and puts of binary options trading, but give seasoned traders a chance to make much larger returns if made correctly. AnyOption also offers a take profit option, in which traders are alerted when their asset reaches a point where it is in the money before expiry. This option then allows the trader to close the position before expiry. This can be very appealing to traders with lower risk tolerances, as most assets will fluctuate in and out of the money before expiry. Of course, the return on a trade cut short like this will be lower, but will still allow traders to make a significant return in a short period of time.

Traders who have dealt with other platforms in the past will notice that the trading platform on AnyOption is quite unique. This is because it was developed to be exclusive to the AnyOption site. The platform draws its real time market prices from Reuters, one of the most respected price sources for financial assets. The platform was specifically designed for ease of use, and comes in a basic desktop format as well as mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Customer Support

AnyOption’s customer support is extremely helpful and professional, and can be reached via email, live chat, or telephone. In addition, Any Option provides new traders with a complete set of video tutorials to cut the learning curve and help them to begin trading profitably.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawals may be made via wire transfer, credit or debit card or Skrill transfer at any time. In order to open an account, a minimum initial deposit of £200. Minimum withdrawal amounts vary by currency, but are uniformly low enough to allow traders to withdraw profits early on. With such a low amount needed to begin trading, AnyOption once again caters to first time options traders.

AnyOption Bonuses

AnyOption’s one weakness in comparison to other brokers is that it does not offer promotions or bonuses for opening an account, trading, or depositing additional capital. While this may seem like a large downside to some, keep in mind that AnyOptions offers a great and easy to use platform that stands well enough on its own merit, even without extra incentives to use it.


With a platform designed especially for ease of use, a low initial investment, a wide range of assets, and professional customer support, AnyOption is an excellent platform for any trader to consider. Many features of the platform are geared toward allowing new traders to cut their teeth in the world of binary options, but more specialized trading options allow experienced traders to leverage their knowledge and expertise into even higher returns on their investments. While it does lose some potential points for its lack of bonuses and promotions, AnyOption is still well worth a look by anyone who is interested in trading binary options.