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Bitcoin Futures Announced By The CME, Price Soars To Record Highs

Bitcoin soared to record highs today on news that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will create a Bitcoin Futures contract by the end of the year, regulation pending. Price popped above $6400US today, and there’s really nothing to stop it from going higher still. This is bubble behaviour at it peak, but like all bubbles […]

Bitcoin hits record highs on buoyant buying

All aboard the Bitcoin rocket ship! Bitcoin hit a new all-time high today as it popped through the $5000 level, rallying all the way up to $5388 on relentless buying. With non resistance above it’s previous high of $5013, there was no stopping the world’s largest cryptocurrency. BTC is up over 19% this week, and […]

Bitcoin’s woes worsen as China ban confirmed.

Yuan denominated Bitcoin crashed today in today on news that China’s second largest exchange, BTCChina , will halt trading as of September 30. As of 11.30am EST, the Yuan BTC cross was down a massive 35%. BTC/USD didn’t far much better, at 6.30pm EST it’s down -14% and trading below the crucial $3500 dollar support/resistance level. […]

Prominent Bitcoin Software Developer Exits Cryptocurrency

Citing concerns regarding the future usability of the well-known cryptocurrency, long time software developer and proponent of Bitcoin Mike Hearn has announced that he will no longer be a participant in the development of Bitcoin. Hearn, widely viewed as one of the leaders in the evolution and development of technology to support Bitcoin, also announced […]

Taiwan Classifies Bitcoin as an Illegal Asset

Following the recent kidnapping of a prominent Hong Kong businessman whose captors demanded a ransom paid in Bitcoin, Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Committee Chairman Tseng Ming-Chun declared on Monday that Bitcoin transactions would no longer be legal in Taiwan. The move comes after prolonged resistance on the part of the FSC to the popularity of Bitcoin […]