Buy Rating For Steel And Mining Companies

Goldman Sachs awards buy rating to 5 US steel and mining companies Goldman Sachs has identified the North American Metals and Mining industry as one to watch for investors. In a research note written on March 19, analysts tipped shares in five mining companies, including Nucor Corp and Steel Dynamics, for growth and attractive investment […]

Oil Falls, OPEC Reacts. Where To From Here for Oil?

Oil made headlines this week as price tumbled back down to levels last seen in November 2016, pre-OPEC production cut. With the US increasing production and  inventory numbers stubbornly strong traders & investors must ask: can OPEC still set the price of oil?  A complex web of supply and demand. For the uninitiated, oil is a complex […]

Price for salmon is now more expensive than oil

The big drop in oil price has created a quite unexpected effect in Norway, that is also one of the world’s biggest gambling nations, and one of the largest exporter of salmon and oil. A barrel of oil is now cheaper than salmon. Norway is known for its massive export of oil, and it has also […]

Ruble Rallies in Currency Markets

Driven by a marked rise in the price of Brent crude oil this week, Russia’s ruble has risen to its highest point against the dollar since mid August of this year. Decreasing commodities markets in China, combined with a glut of oil caused by excessive Saudi production, has weakened Russia’s economy, which is largely based […]

Alcoa Struggles to Adjust to Commodities Slump

Alcoa, the world’s third largest producer of aluminum, posted its third quarter report on Thursday. The report showed the lightweight metal giant posting a profit of $44 million, in sharp contrast to last year’s third quarter profits of $149 million. Share value responded negatively on Friday, with shares of Alcoa declining throughout the day to […]

Bull run in Gold, or Fools Gold?

Typically investing in gold is referred to as a safe haven. It is touted as a way to protect your portfolio during volatile markets. Depending on how much television you watch, you may find it hard to view an entire show and not recall one or two commercials telling you that now is the time to buy […]