Pfizer Shares Due To Soar In The Coming Year

May 5, 2022

Although life seems to be returning to normal now that Covid-19 regulations have been abolished in the UK, the virus continues to mutate and produce new variants. This means pharmaceutical companies need to keep working on new vaccines and booster shots.

As well as beginning to offer the vaccine to children between the age of 12-15, Pfizer is now testing its vaccines aptitude for children as young as two. There are also talks of younger people being offered a fourth jab to help fight the Omicron variant.

Drastic Rise In Earnings Per Share

Analysts estimate that Pfizer expects $98 billion to $120 billion in sales over the coming year.

This means an estimated increase in profit per share from $6.35-$6.55. At the end of last year earnings per share increased dramatically by 152% and sales by 105%.

It would be naïve to assume that because the rules have changed, the need for continual work towards the protection against Covid-19 would cease.

Continuing Mutations Mean Continual Investment

As long as there are still people that can’t or won’t get vaccinated, the virus will continue to mutate, requiring frequent and adapted booster shots for years to come.

Keeping an eye on competitors, Pfizer’s profit, as a pioneering company in the enterprise should continue to rise. The Pfizer vaccine brought in 86% of the $42.63 sales for all vaccines in 2021.

Consistently High-ranking Stock

According to IBD Digital, leading stocks tend to have Composite Ratings of 95 or better, and Pfizer currently has 97 out of 99.

Pfizer also received a Relative Strength Rating of 87 out of 99, meaning it ranked in the top 13% of all stocks with regards to its performance last year.

What is key to note here is that Pfizer performed so well in 2021, which saw the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although their future looks promising as a result, it will be key to observe how investment into vaccine research changes as less urgent pandemic action is needed. It seems likely, though, that the demand will remain high as we all learn to live alongside Covid and its changing faces.