Tradeo Review

The internet age has made almost every aspect of life more social and group oriented. What many people do not realize, though, is that the power of group wisdom has been leveraged to help beginning investors make money in the markets. Tradeo is a platform that is at the forefront of the social trading world. The website allows investors who do not have the knowledge and experience of seasoned traders to copy the trades of people who trade professionally. This gives inexperienced traders possibly the greatest leg up of any trading style. This review will go over the key features of the Tradeo platform and just how social trading on Tradeo works in order to help traders decide if this platform is right for them.


In many respects, Tradeo’s platform resembles a traditional Forex trading platform. The site’s use of MetaTrader 4 trading software makes it easy for traders more familiar with other trading companies to easily begin trading on Tradeo. In addition to this simple platform, Tradeo offers the option to leverage funds in a 1:200 ratio, giving even traders with minimal amounts of investment capital the ability to trade profitably. This high degree of leverage combined with a range of over 100 assets from Forex, stocks, and commodities markets makes trading on the platform easy for anyone. A minimum initial deposit of only £250 also serves to make the site accessible to those without a large investing budget.

Until this point, this description of Tradeo may sound appealing without seeming innovative. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Tradeo’s greatest strength is its use of the power of a social network to allow investors to trade and profit together. Traders using the Tradeo platform have access to large and detailed discussions about the markets in general and the movement of particular assets. In addition to this, traders are able to see the trades executed by others in real time, allowing them to determine how other investors are investing their money. Quite possibly the best aspect of Tradeo’s social trading platform is that investors can opt to automatically copy the trades of particular traders. This means if a trader finds someone on Tradeo whose advice and trading actions have consistently resulted in a profit, he or she may decide to let their account automatically copy that person’s trades. In this sense, Tradeo allows inexperienced traders to simply put their account in the hands of someone else with much more trading experience. It is, of course, advisable that traders use this more as a tool to learn how wise traders invest their money, rather than relying on it to prevent them from having to do so.

Tradeo’s platform offers very tight spreads, as well as bank level security. Tradeo is also fully licensed and monitored by the Cyprus Security and Exchange commission, and conforms to all international security standards. This allows investors to focus on trading with being concerned with security or having their profits reduced by larger spreads.

Customer Support

In addition to a highly innovative platform, Tradeo offers investors access to around the clock support. The support staff may be contacted at any time via phone, email, or live chat to answer questions, handle complaints, or resolve disputes. Besides a great support staff, Tradeo also allows interested traders to open a free demo account. This gives those who want to know about the platform and how it works the chance to get to know it intimately before depositing a penny.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawal transactions with Tradeo may be processed via credit card or direct bank transfer in either USD or EUR. One of the best features of the Tradeo platform is that it imposes no minimum deposit amount, allowing traders to withdraw profits from their accounts at any time. There are also no fees to withdraw, as Tradeo makes its money from trade spreads. Most deposit and withdrawal transactions will be processed in 1 business day, though in some instances it may take 2.

Tradeo Bonuses

As a welcome bonus, new traders receive a £20 addition to their initial deposit on Tradeo. Traders who refer friends are also eligible to receive a £100 account credit for doing so. In addition to these bonuses, which are ongoing, Tradeo runs periodic special bonuses, usually involving deposit or profit matching.


Tradeo’s social approach to trading is highly innovative and perfect for the first time trader. Its low initial deposit requirement and 1:200 leverage also make it an excellent fit for those looking to trade with a low initial investment. These features, in addition to a tried and tested platform, bank level security, and generous bonus programs would make it a respectable trading platform on their own. However, the ability to learn from and copy the actions of experienced and profitable traders is truly the selling point of Tradeo. If you are a beginning trader looking to develop your skills in a manner that minimizes financial risk and cuts the learning curve, Tradeo is well worth consideration for you.