Glossary of Investing and Trading Terms

In this glossary we explain all terms that are trading or investing related. Please bear with us as we build out this section with all relevant terms.

Average True Range (ATR) - The Average True Range (ATR) is a technical analysis indicator that can help traders find the right trade, or the correct entry and exit point. This article introduces you to the ATR calculation and the ways in which it can be used when trading forex or stocks.

Limit Order - A limit order is an instruction to a broker to effect the purchase of a security at a specified price which is lower than market price, or to effect the sale of a security at a price which is higher than the market price.

OCO Order - A type of order used in the forex markets is the OCO order, also known as Order Cancels the Other orders. This order type is not found on the MetaTrader4 platform, but rather on other proprietary trading platforms and on ECN trading platforms.

Stop Loss Order - Stop loss orders are one of the order types that traders can execute on the financial markets. The name “stop loss” is self-explanatory: stop the losses before they get out of hand.