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ETFs As an Investment for Retirement

ETFs As an Investment for Retirement There is a great difference between an income earner in his 30s, and another income earner in his late 50s and 60s. Those nearing retirement have lesser number of years to work, and so a narrower window of opportunity when it comes to getting money from a steady income […]

Question To Ask When Transferring a Pension

Should you transfer your pension? There are several reasons why transferring a pension might seem like a good idea. These include widening the range of available funds, lowering the cost of fund management, and amalgamation of several pensions into one more easily administered scheme. Whilst it is possible to transfer a defined benefit scheme, it […]

How to Manage Your Finances Now You Are Retired

Retiring is not just a complete change of lifestyle. Your routine will change: travelling to and from work is a dubious pleasure you will no longer have, but your monthly salary will also disappear. You may have paid off your mortgage, and possibly be debt free, but other expenses will keep rolling in. And the […]

How to Choose a Pension Scheme

Having made the decision to make payments into a pension plan, you will be faced with the choice of what type of pension you want to pay into. The choice may be dictated by the circumstances of your employment, for the first type of pension that you should consider is on that is run by […]

Drawdown Pensions

Previously called unsecured pensions, income drawdown pensions allow the pension investor to take income from his pension scheme without having to withdraw the whole fund. This means that the balance of the fund after income has been taken can remain invested for growth, potentially increasing the fund in the future. For any retiree who does […]

Your Workplace Pension

Things are changing… From October 2012, the way in which occupational pensions operate is changing. Employees will be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension, many of which will be a NEST pension (the National Employment Savings Trust: set up specifically for this purpose). The employee will be able to opt out of the workplace pension, […]

State Benefits in Retirement

It’s a tough world for pensioners When you retire, the whole world changes: you have to contend with a suddenly changed daily routine and you may be spending more time with your partner than at any other time in your life. If that isn’t enough, you no longer have your salary from work hitting your […]

In Poor Health? Boost Your Retirement Income

When you are ready to convert your pension fund into an income, you will most likely be considering doing so by purchasing an annuity. An annuity is a policy that allows you to invest a lump sum and then receive an income for a set period of time (usually through to death). While there are […]

Could You Unlock Your Pension Early?

Why retire early? As we head toward retirement, we naturally start to think about the change of life that will befall us – some would say be forced upon us. Some hope to put the date of retirement off as long as possible, whilst for others it can’t come soon enough. There are many reasons […]

About your Pension Lump Sum

What you can take When it comes to the time for retirement, the choices open to you with regard to your pension planning are relatively straightforward. You can use your pension pot to create an income, most commonly through the purchase of an annuity. But you are also able to take up to 25% of […]

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