The Fed, Interest Rates and Market Reaction One Day On

The US Federal Reserve confirmed that another rate rise was likely this year, sending the EURUSD below 1.19, and US 2-year yield to its highest level since 2008 on Wednesday. While the Fed didn’t raise rates (as expected), the “dot plot” firmed up another rate hike in 2017. One caveat, if you could even call […]

The Week Ahead: US Interest Rates & EU Data

The markets buoyant start to September could see some volatility this week when the US Federal Reserve delivers it’s decision on interest rate decision on Wednesday. Importantly, it’s expected to announce the beginning of balance sheet reduction. Fed Not Expected To Raise Rates. While another rate hike isn’t on the cards, future guidance and comments […]

Bitcoin’s woes worsen as China ban confirmed.

Yuan denominated Bitcoin crashed today in today on news that China’s second largest exchange, BTCChina , will halt trading as of September 30. As of 11.30am EST, the Yuan BTC cross was down a massive 35%. BTC/USD didn’t far much better, at 6.30pm EST it’s down -14% and trading below the crucial $3500 dollar support/resistance level. […]

Is It Time To Buy The US Dollar?

The dollar has seen nothing but red this year, is it time to buy the US dollar? The Year of the Bulls Turned Sour. Every man and their dog was long the dollar going into 2017. The story was clear: we had a  weak Euro-zone, weak Canada, weak Japan, and a strong USA with a […]

Markets Tread Carefully On Labour Day, While North Korean Situation Worsens

The market reaction to the latest North Korean escalation has been muted due to the US holiday, but expect some volatility on Tuesday morning. US traders will come back to work tomorrow morning facing an escalation of the North Korean crisis. The small selloff into Friday’s close on the SPY appears warranted, as geopolitical issues […]

Gold Rallies On Missile Test While Hurricane Harvey Sinks Oil.

The last week of August was tipped by some to be a snoozefest for the markets, but North Korea and Mother Nature had other plans. Gold and Oil/Gasoline have popped for entirely different reasons, and the flow-on effects from these events could be far reaching. North Korea, Missiles & Gold. Gold has been strong since […]

Central Bank Speeches & Low Liquidity Pop EUR/USD Stops.

Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi both gave speeches on Friday in Jackson Hole. Neither said much about monetary policy, the strength of the Euro or Dollar, and future outlooks. Looking the action on Friday you’d have thought otherwise. If you were watching the action on Friday, you’d have seen that the EUR/USD and gold were […]

Equity Volume Drops As Summer Trading Resumes.

As we hit the middle of August, prime time summer for North America and Europe, traders and investors are sitting on the beach rather than moving the markets. Volumes are very low, most European equities are doing 50-75% of their average daily volume so far this week and aside from a few standouts, they’re not […]

White House Uncertainty Jolts World Markets Into The Red.

The increasing uncertainty in the White House has filtered through to world markets this week, with European and US indices well in the red. Unlike last week’s North Korea scare, which has all but dissipated for the time-being, the latest problems in the White House could have far broader implications. Following Trump’s statements post Charlotteville, […]

Geopolitical Risk Rises As North Korea & US Escalate Tension.

For the first time in a long time, genuine geo-political risk has caught the markets attention. North Korea and the USA are currently engaged in a high-risk game of chicken, with neither country taking a backwards step in the escalating war of words. Geo-political risk and the markets. As it’s been a while since we’ve […]

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