What Might A Second Lockdown Mean For Stock Markets?

A second lockdown has now been mooted by several senior politicians, including the Labour Party’s leader Keir Starmer. Although the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and other senior Conservative Party legislators remain opposed to such measures, they seem to be increasingly likely as the infection rate rises. Here’s what could happen to your stocks, and what […]

TSB Cutting Almost 1000 Jobs In Consumer Behaviour Switch

TSB has recently announced that it will be close a third of its branches and cut 960 jobs, in a move that has been described as a “dark day for the finance sector” by one of the UK’s largest unions, Unite. The move has come not in response to the ongoing pandemic, but rather as […]

Last Call! Pub Curfew Means High Hospitality Volatility

The Prime Minister recently announced he was making the long-threatened move to enforce a curfew for pubs in England. In new sweeping measures, hospitality venues will be restricted purely to table service and will need to shut their doors at 10 pm to curb the rising cases of coronavirus in the UK. A cursory glance […]

Impacts Of The Second Lockdown On UK’s Economy

Just a few months after normalcy was restored in the UK, Covid-19 numbers have started to rise again. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will continue setting out new national lockdown restrictions as the government tries to control the spread of coronavirus. Some of the restrictions expected to be announced include working from home and early closure […]

London Stocks Plummet As Covid-19 Vaccine Is Delayed

FTSE 100 stocks are plummeting due to the coronavirus vaccine having to be put on hold. The vaccine, led by Oxford University, has resulted in an unprecedented illness in one of the volunteers. Global trials and later-stage trials have been paused, allowing time for the data to be reviewed thoroughly and safely. However, this has […]

BT Stocks Jump Amid Rumours Of Hostile Bid

On Monday 24th 2020, shares in BT jumped 6% after it was revealed that the telecoms company is preparing to defend itself against a hostile bid. Despite being the biggest telecoms group in the UK, the value of BT has significantly decreased recently and is estimated to be worth around £10 billion, its lowest value […]

New Government Trade Credit Deal Will Support Supply Chains

A new government credit trade deal has been given the go-ahead after many delays and months of waiting. This deal, called the Trade Credit Reinsurance Scheme, could reinstate cut credit limits. These were reduced by the CCEP when leading insurer Coface removed its cover. The Scheme The government announced on 4th June that all trade […]

Amended UK Quarantine Rules Cause Travel Stocks To Drag Down Europe

Britain has added more European countries to its quarantine list, meaning people will have to isolate for two weeks having visited them. The UK is now including France, Malta and the Netherlands to this growing list. Investment Director at AJ Bell, Russ Mould, said: “The decision will feel particularly painful as it comes at the height […]

No Pleasure Without Spain: Holiday Confusion Batters Travel Stocks

It goes without saying that 2020 has not been a positive year for the travel sector. With most of the world locked down from March to June, holidays and business trips abroad were well and truly placed on the backburner. And, while this was undoubtedly an essential move so as to minimise the spread of […] Skyrockets In Hong Kong Share Sale

Chinese e-commerce company raises nearly $4bn after its stock market debut at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday 16th July 2020. In early trading, the online retail group gained as high as 5.8 per cent to reach HK$239 ($30.84) per share. This event marks the second-largest share sale this year. Who Are […]

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