Emerging Cannabis Industry In Germany As Legalisation Approaches

Sybiotic is a leading name in Germany’s emerging cannabinoid industry, which is about to explode following the announcement that cannabis will be legalised in the country. At this stage, the government’s intentions are not entirely clear, but the plan is to enable the controlled sale of recreational cannabis to adults via licensed shops. Though there […]

Asian Stocks Hold Strong In A Solid Start To 2022

Asian stocks have joined Wall Street in defying the Omicron Covid-19 fears to post a sterling start to the 2022 financial trade year. Even though the virus had seemed to halt the current global economic recovery, the global stock markets posted positive results to start the year. The US and the European markets are also […]

Sunak Announces £1bn In Financial Support For Hospitality Sector

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has announced that the government will be providing an additional £1 billion in financial support for businesses and venues in the hospitality sector. Soon, every business that is classified as a hospitality business will be able to claim a grant of up to £6,000 to help them to […]

Could The HGV Driver Shortage Be About To Ease?

Unless you’ve decided to spend the last year cryogenically frozen, you can’t have missed the issues that have been caused by the sudden shortage in long haul lorry drivers across the country. The run on the petrol stations, which even included the army being called in to help deliver fuel to some places, hit the […]

Paytm Shares Fall 37% In Just Two Days

Share prices in Paytm, the recently listed financial services company, have plunged for the second day in a row. The India-based fintech company is backed by Softbank of Japan and Ant Group of China. Day traders have blamed its appalling market debut on an overambitious initial market valuation. Paytm stock fell by 27% following its […]

Google’s Antitrust Decision: What It Teaches Us About Big Tech And The Stock Market

Google has recently lost an appeal at the European Court of Justice to have an antitrust fine overturned. This means that the tech giant now has to pay a $2.8bn fine to the European Union. Although you may have thought that this would be a cause for concern for them, the truth could not be […]

Standard Chartered Reports Profit Spike Amid Uneven Recovery Phase

Standard Chartered (STAN.L) has reported hefty quarterly profits before taxes due to smaller credit impairment charges, but it’s forecasting a flat income for the full year due to fluctuations brought about by the pandemic. Pre-tax profits for Standard Chartered surged to £730 million for the third quarter of 2021, nearly £320 million more than this […]

What Global Inflationary Pressure Means For The Stock Market

In recent weeks, countries around the world have announced an increase in inflationary pressure in their economies. Prices rising is nothing new, however, there are some worries that traders on the stock market should take into account, especially if state action is to be taken. Rising Interest Rates This comes in the wake of Bank […]

Could The Universal Credit Reduction Impact The Stock Market?

The United Kingdom recently announced a rollback in its policy of boosting Universal Credit payments by £20 a week. Although this was a controversial vote, it passed due to the government’s overpowering majority. Although investors may not see the relation between the income of some of the lowest earners in the UK, there are some […]

What Impact Could The Current Energy Crisis Have On The Stock Market?

Over the past few weeks, the global energy crisis has been headlining across all news outlets. Wholesale gas prices have surged by 250% since the beginning of 2021, and 70% since August. This is driving up the price of electricity, as over 40% of the UK’s electricity is still created in gas-powered plants. Not only […]

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