UBS See London As Financial Centre Post-Brexit

The giant Swiss investment bank UBS has gone on record saying London should still be Europe’s financial core after Brexit, and it will do its utmost to keep as many staff as it can in the city. The comments came from UBS’s investment banking head Andrea Orcel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where […]

Lloyds Ban Credit Card Bitcoin Payments

Lloyds bans credit card payments purchasing Bitcoin Lloyds Banking Group has banned its customers from purchasing the Bitcoin cryptocurrency using any credit card issued by the group. The group includes MBNA, Halifax and Bank of Scotland and is believed to be the first banking group to ban customers planning to use credit card funds to […]

Oil Prices Set To Increase

After years in the doldrums, signs are emerging that oil might be in line for a comeback, nearly four years after its value fell dramatically in mid-2014. With Brent Crude recovering to $65 a barrel on a generally upward trend, thoughts will turn to the $100 a barrel days before the price crash, which saw […]

Could 2017 Be The Perfect Year For Equities?

Cast your mind back 12 months, did you think we’d be having the type of year we have in equities? I know I didn’t. There was a lot of doom and gloom out there…but all we have seen is green, green and more green. European worries are all behind us, populism is back in check, […]

FMOC Preview, Here’s What Barclays & Goldman Have To Say.

Another year, and another December FOMC meeting where the Fed is set to raise rates. Well, that’s the word on the street, where a 0.25% rate rise is all but priced in for Wednesday. This meeting is important as it sets up 2018, a change in forecast or language could set the USD off into […]

Bitcoin Hits $14,000, Is There An End In Sight?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is just shy of $14,000US (when I started writing this article it was around $13,000). Bitcoin’s market cap is now greater than Citigroup, a company that employs over 200,000 people all around the world. This is probably the most interesting series I’ve seen on Bitcoin so far; on the […]

A Quick Look At The Markets Leading Into December: Equities, USD & Oil

It’s December, a new month, and the final of what has been an eventfully uneventful 2017. Let’s take a look at how the markets stand right now, and see if there’s any opportunities in the final trading month of 2017. Why do we look at the US markets? They lead, the rest follow. Broadly speaking, […]

Looking To Short? Timing Is Everything

Timing a short is difficult. It could even be the most difficult thing to do in trading. You can do all the research, have your argument, and be proved right, but if you don’t time or structure your trade well you could be walking into a world of pain. The problem with shorting is the […]

If Countries Made Rich By Oil Are Abandoning It, Should You Be Holding Oil Stocks?

Norway made headlines this week when they announced that they would divest their holdings in oil stocks from their sovereign wealth fund. This follows the move to divest from coal stocks, in an attempt to protect the fund from climate risks. If the world’s largest fund is no longer investing in oil companies, should individual […]

US Dollar Lower As FMOC Delivers No Surprises

The US Dollar traded lower on Wednesday following the FMOC Minutes, which failed to surprise with any new information or developments. With traders on holidays for what is essentially a 4 day weekend for US Thanksgiving, flat and choppy markets are expected. Fed Minutes: One Hike Expected. As suspected, the Fed all but confirmed a […]

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