Moderna’s Stock Rises Then Falls While United Airlines’ Stock Whipsaws

With the promise of continued support from both the central banks and the government earlier this week, combined with promising early findings from human trials for a vaccine for COVID-19, the biopharma firm, Moderna, had been riding high when their stock saw a 20 per cent increase in share price. This prompted an announcement on […]

Virgin Media And O2 Confirm Merger

The two parent companies that own telecommunications giants Virgin Media and O2 have announced that they will move forward with a planned $31bn merger that will blend the two companies together, hoping to create a significant competitor to market dominators BT and Sky. The companies in question – Liberty Global and Telefonica – said in […]

Stocks End Higher As Oil Prices Rebound

Stocks eliminated early losses this week, closing higher after rebounded oil prices initiated increases in energy stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 0.1% while the S&P 500 increased by 0.4% and the Nasdaq Composite rose by 1.2%. Small-cap stocks did not increase exponentially, with the Russell 2000 rising by only 0.2%. So far this […]

What The Oil Collapse Could Mean For Related Stocks Going Forward

When oil prices slumped on the 20th of April, eventually to a deeply negative point that had never been seen before, the financial world was rocked. This price shock is unlikely to be the only fall in oil prices in the coming weeks and months, as demand will keep falling due to lockdown. The inelastic […]

Facebook Stock During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As the US economy experiences a drastic downturn due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Facebook stocks are also in decline. The widespread loss in revenue and earnings have caused Facebook stocks to plunge by 15.6% whilst user activity continues to surge. As the world experiences unprecedented changes regarding social interaction due to restrictions on face-to-face communication, […]

RBS Announces That New Loan Fund Will Have “Immediate Effect” On Struggling Businesses

Following complaints from smaller businesses in recent days and weeks, RBS has announced that a revamped version of an earlier loan fund will prove to have an “immediate effect” on the ailing firms affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. The revamping comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak overhauled the scheme, which had initially promised to lend roughly […]

London Financial Broker CMC Announce Impressive Final Quarter

COVID-19 has sent the financial market on a rollercoaster ride, with many worrying the downward journey would be long and detrimental to the global economy. With news that the global number for confirmed COVID-19 cases has exceeded 1 million, the FTSE fell 58.52 points, to a low 5421.70. Despite all the uncertainty and panic surrounding […]

Coronavirus In The UK – A Recession But Not A Depression?

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on global markets. From stocks and shares falling across the world to the impact of broken supply chains, COVID-19 has shocked governments and economists alike with its sudden and drastic effects. Government reactions to the virus have been focused on stopping its spread. Measures such as self-isolating and social […]

Is Now The Perfect Time To Invest In The FTSE?

Newspapers and websites are, quite understandably, full of stories focused on doom and gloom, especially in regard to the current state of stocks, shares and investments. Billions of dollars have been wiped off the stock market, companies are having to alter how they operate, and numerous CEOs and industry experts are predicting that continued uncertainty […]

IQ Option Announce Innovative Introducing Broker Scheme

Introducing Brokers schemes are a growing sector of online marketing and investing. An Introducing Broker (aka IB), refers new clients to a broker delivering online trading or similar and is then paid for delivering that client or business. In simple terms, the introducing broker “introduces” the client to the trading platform or broker IQ Option has […]

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