All Change At Sports Direct

Keith Hellawell, Chairman of Sports Direct, steps down. He resigned from his position as Chairman of Sports Direct when it emerged that shareholders would be unlikely to re-elect him at the company’s annual general meeting. No Shock His decision to step down is not entirely unexpected. At the AGM last year, he was re-elected with […]

Are Land Security Shares Worth buying?

Finding the right UK stocks and shares to invest in while the country goes through Brexit is difficult. If you’re an investor, you may be hesitant to buy shares in British companies during the current political uncertainty. FTSE Opportunities However, if you avoid UK shares altogether, you may miss out on many fantastic opportunities. As […]

Heineken Reports Lower Profits

In the last couple of years, Heineken has grown to become one of the largest brewers in the US and UK. However, this stunning growth has come with some setbacks. The Dutch brewer, known for big brands like Dos Equis, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Murphy’s stout, hasn’t had an easy 2018. This week it reported […]

Philip Hammond’s Mansion House Speech Highlights Future Plans

The Chancellor’s annual Mansion House speech on 21 June contained a number of interesting points about the British economy which are likely to impact upon trading or exchange rates. Some of these are discussed below. Highlights of the Chancellor’s Mansion House speech: London A Priority A good portion of the Chancellor’s speech related to the […]

Is Crypto Still An Investment Opportunity?

As most cryptocurrencies have been on somewhat of a downturn over the past six months or so, it seems surprising that many people still seem to view them as a worthwhile investment opportunity. A survey conducted by Postbank, a German retail bank, has highlighted that almost 30% of Germans believe cryptocurrencies are a really desirable […]

Italian Crisis To Impact Portugal?

Knock-on effect of Italian crisis could affect former bailout country Portugal Following a stark warning from the IMF on Tuesday, it’s come to light that a situation where we see weaker growth in the Eurozone could “significantly” affect the economic recovery of Portugal, who still face “lingering domestic vulnerabilities.” Debt Yields This warning comes on […]

M&S To Drop Out Of FTSE 100?

Could M&S fall out of the FTSE 100? The FTSE 100 was created in 1984 and ever since then Marks & Spencer have been an ever-present, just as it has been on the streets of the United Kingdom. That could all be about to the change though and one of the most respected names on […]

India Take Lead In App Security

India leading the way in terms of app-based trading security When it comes to anything related to finance, security and protection is the key. Given the constant threat of cybercrime and the fact that the global economic crisis only happened a mere decade ago, it makes sense that safety remains firmly at the top of […]

UK Q1 Growth Figures Paint Gloomy Picture

What do the Q1 growth figures mean for the UK economy? The UK’s first quarter GDP figures did not make pretty reading. Although a slowdown had been expected, the 0.1% quarterly growth rate was significantly lower than most economists and other commentators had been expecting. This has ended any spring rate rise notion, and like […]

Bond Rates To Derail US Economy?

Could rising bond rates derail the US economy? Donald Trump has taken a lot of credit for the performance of the American economy since he first became president and has used the spectre of continued economic growth to fund his plans for significant tax cuts in the coming year. The promised infrastructure boom has also […]

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