The UK’s Slowing Economy Revealed By Weak Tax Receipts

Rishi Sunak is set to face increased pressure to offer a significantly larger financial package following the figures of April’s public spending deficit. Despite the government and the cabinet’s claims to be extremely concerned about the country’s current cost of living crisis escalation and low-income families struggling to navigate the crisis, the latest figures show […]

Indian Shares Made It Three Consecutive Days Of Gains Amid Global Slowdown Concerns

India’s Wednesday session saw shares rise for a third consecutive day at the start of last week. Gains in certain financial and IT stocks were behind the latest rise, but investors continue to be concerned about the threat to global economic growth presented by interest rate hikes. The NSE Nifty 50 index (.NSEI) was up […]

Pfizer Shares Due To Soar In The Coming Year

Although life seems to be returning to normal now that Covid-19 regulations have been abolished in the UK, the virus continues to mutate and produce new variants. This means pharmaceutical companies need to keep working on new vaccines and booster shots. As well as beginning to offer the vaccine to children between the age of […]

Pound Slides As UK Employment Data Released

The British pound continued its downward trend against the Australian dollar during April after weak UK employment data was released. The GBP AUD exchange rate fell to a low of 1.713 after the data was published. The UK unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.8% in the three months to February, while wage growth slowed down to […]

Should You Be Buying Cineworld Stock Right Now?

Cineworld’s share price is currently worth only a third of what it was a year ago. This can be put down to numerous things but is mainly due to cinemas being closed down in the wake of Covid-19. The Cineworld Group (LSE: CINE) share price continues to struggle to gain momentum despite theatres being open […]

The Latest London Buzz Stock

During these unpredictable financial and political times, gold is managing to increase in price which is making it one of the safest assets. In fact, gold is currently experiencing an all-time high and this is predicted to continue as global investors and central banks are purchasing it. The way that investors can securely protect their […]

How Is The FCA Encouraging Individuals To Invest In The Stock Market

In 2020, it was found that a third of people in Britain said that they owned stocks and shares. In addition to this, a large number of additional people are looking into or thinking about buying stocks and shares in the future. This leaves the stock market with a large number of people who could […]

What’s Causing Meta’s Biggest Ever Stock Market Loss?

Recent years have seen Meta’s ownership of various big-name apps significantly increase. Currently, some of the apps owned by Meta include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other Facebook-related apps such as Messenger. The scale of this ownership only makes Meta’s recent stock market loss more significant as it brings to attention just how much is at […]

Value Stocks Set To Beat Growth As Rate Hikes Loom

During the 2010s, value stocks performed poorly while growth stocks, as a group, beat the market. However, the tables may finally be turning, and value may outshine growth once more, thanks to rate hikes by the US Fed and other central banks around the world. Value Stocks Outperforming Growth Stocks According to Jerfferies’s head of […]

Markets Flat As They Weigh Up The Impact Of Inflation

The Dow, S&P 500, and other major global indices were flat during early February, due to uncertainty regarding the impact of inflation and the on-off rhetoric of the Ukraine issue. However, while indices are holding their ground, they are also seeing tremendous intra-day volatility as investors try to calculate what higher inflation will mean later in […]

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