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Precious Metals and Gold Price Market Update 20/06/13

Precious Metals and Gold Price Market Update 20/06/13

As the month of June begins to wrap up, we have a lot to reflect on and discuss. Gold and silver have made significant losses since the beginning of the month, and investors are currently unsure which direction they should be heading in. One of the most attention-grabbing stories we witnessed this month, as reported by, dealt with the Japanese stock market and its monumental declines. After hitting record highs barely a month ago, the Japanese Nikkei Index has since lost well over 20% of its value. While this [...]

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The Investors Guide to Short Selling

The Investors Guide to Short Selling

What is Short Selling? Short selling in the financial markets means borrowing an asset such as a stock from a broker to sell them at a high price, and then buying them back when prices have fallen so as to return the asset to the broker, and benefiting from the price differentials. Short selling is used when there is an expectation that the price of an asset will fall within a space of time. Traders generally carry out short selling to make money from falling prices or they use it as a hedging strategy to protect themselves from [...]

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ETFs As an Investment for Retirement

ETFs As an Investment for Retirement

There is a great difference between an income earner in his 30s, and another income earner in his late 50s and 60s. Those nearing retirement have lesser number of years to work, and so a narrower window of opportunity when it comes to getting money from a steady income source in order to invest. As such, it is essential that investors in this category get their investments right from the get-go as there is little margin for error, especially when it comes to ETFs. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) now make up about 10% of all money invested in the financial markets. They can represent a balanced mix between a steadier type of investment and reasonable returns based on the trader’s risk [...]

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