In the world of online trading, one of the biggest new innovations is the concept known as CrowdTrading, or social trading. The concept works on the idea that large groups of people collectively make better decisions than individuals, sometimes known as the wisdom of the crowd. One of the online brokers that has truly integrated this idea into its trading platform is Trade360, a brokerage website founded in 2013 by a group of experts drawn from both the trading and technology worlds. Since its inception, Trade360 has remained at the cutting edge of the CrowdTrading world, and has allowed many traders of all experience levels to make substantial trading profits. This review will cover some of the key features of Trade360’s platform to help interested traders decide if it is right for them.

Trading Platform

The Trade360 platform allows traders to select from a wide range of financial assets, including stocks, currency pairs, commodities, CFDs, and indices. These assets are each leveraged, with ratios ranging from 1:20 on stocks up to 1:200 on commodities. These leverages, combined with a minimum deposit amount of just £25, allow traders without a large pool of capital to draw from to trade successfully and profitably.The area in which the trade 360 platform truly stands out is the ability that it gives traders to find market trends based upon the collective actions of other traders. Traders using the Trade360 platform can view data that shows what percentage of their fellow traders are predicting that assets will move up or down in price. These metrics can be further broken down into what the most successful traders or traders from a particular geographic area are predicting. This information gives traders a huge advantage when it comes to finding and following market trends. It may seem to some as if this system is simply a method for determining what everyone else thinks, but not necessarily what the outcomes of trades will be. However, CrowdTrading has proven to be surprisingly effective. At the time of the writing of this review, the top rookie traders had made an average profit of £1,020 over the course of their first 30 days of trading from an average initial deposit of just £211. This is, to say the least, an impressive return on investment. In addition to simply being able to find data about market trends, the platform also offers built in alerts that inform traders of potential opportunities in real time.Trade360’s platform is entirely proprietary, but is ultimately based on the simple Forex platform concept of buying and selling assets depending upon which direction traders expect the price to go. The platform is entirely browser based, requiring no software downloads of any kind. The same trading platform, complete with all CrowdTrading tools, can also be accessed on an Android mobile app.

Customer Support

Trade360’s multilingual customer support staff may be contacted at any time via phone or email. Customer support specialists for Trade360 are trained to handle questions and concerns regarding deposits, withdrawals, trading, technical problems, and more. In addition to a support network for difficulties, Trade360 also offers many training resources for traders who are new to the platform. This includes both a short ebook that new traders can read to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of trading and a practice account option that can be use to gain real time trading experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawals through Trade360 may be conducted via wire transfer, Skrill, or any major credit card. In order to comply with European Union financial regulations, Trade360 requires verification of identity before any withdrawals may be made. Once proper identification has been submitted, however, there are no further delays involved with either deposit or withdrawal transactions.

Min deposit for Trade360 is: £25

Trade360 Bonuses

Trade360 offers some excellent bonuses for new traders. Upon opening an account, traders are given a £50 trading credit, even before an initial deposit has been made. Traders who start out using a practice account are also eligible to receive up to a £60 bonus just for learning how to trade on the platform. Finally, a trading credit equal to 30% of an initial deposit, valid up to a total of £1,000, is offered to traders who make their initial deposit within 24 hours of opening an account. This generous bonus program gives traders access to a reasonably high amount of initial trading capital, even if a smaller initial deposit is made.


Trade360 is a truly innovative platform that allows traders to draw on the wisdom of the crowd in order to trade more profitably. A low initial deposit requirement, high leverages, and a generous bonus program let new traders get started by risking only a very small amount of capital. Metrics showing trends and trading alerts give traders excellent tools to determine how they should trade, allowing even inexperienced traders to make good profits. To top it all off, a professional and knowledgeable support staff is available to help traders with questions or concerns at any time. Overall, Trade360 is an excellent option for traders of any experience level who are interested in the world of social trading.