When entering the world of binary options trading, the first thing a new trader must do is find a reputable and professional brokerage platform. Top Option, one of Europe’s leading binary options brokerage firms, has been doing business with traders since 2012 and has a proven track record of reliability. This, coupled with an excellent platform, makes the company one of the go-to choices for binary options traders.

Trading Platform

Top Option’s platform boasts an impressive range of over 180 individual assets comprised of stocks, indices, commodities, and Forex currency pairs. This diverse pool of assets allows traders who have invested in assets in more traditional markets to leverage their expertise in certain types of assets in binary options trades.

Trades made on the TopOption platform have multiple expiry times to choose from. The fastest available trade time is 60 seconds, with the longest set at 4 hours. This range of trading times makes TopOption a good choice for both fast, aggressive traders and those who prefer longer term binary positions.

Top Option, like many binary brokers, offers a very high rate of return on successful trades. For standard account holders, correctly predicted trades can result in return of up to 85%, with higher rates available for VIP traders. Unlike some binary brokers, however, TopOption also offers a loss return. Depending upon the trade, traders can get back as much as 25% of their investment on a losing trade. This is in contrast to some other binary brokers that simply take 100% of the investment on a losing trade.

The minimum trade amount on the Top Option platform is £5, with a £10,000 maximum trade. In order to open a TopOption account, only £100 is required. This makes the platform accessible even to traders with minimal investment capital at their disposal.

In addition to the web based site, there is also a fully responsive mobile platform. This version of the platform allows investors to make trades on the go from anywhere in the world. Access to the mobile site is available at no additional cost to anyone with a Top Option account.

Customer Service and Support

Top Option provides excellent customer service through professional representatives who are trained to answer questions not addressed on the website itself. These customer service representatives may be contacted by phone or email. Due to its status as an international company, Top Option offers customer support in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, among others.

In conjunction with this customer support program, Top Option offers many educational and analytical tools for traders. Traders who are new to binary options trading may take a course that will arm them with information and strategies in order to make their first trades successful. More experienced traders can take advantage of free market analysis tools that can help them to find trends and price baselines within the long term movement of a given asset. In addition, person to person training, up to date trading strategies, and special webinars are also offered on a regular basis.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals made through Top Option can be sent by credit card, wire transfer, or by the Fast Bank Transfer or WebMoney transfer systems. The minimum deposit amount is 100 of any of the three supported currencies, which are US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds Sterling. Withdrawals can also be made via any of the deposit methods, and are be sent in the same local currency that a trader deposited.

Top Option Bonuses

TopOption heavily incentivizes customers to sign up through an initial deposit bonus matching program. Deposits between the minimum required amount of £100 and £249 are rewarded with a 50% bonus, and those between £250 and £500 are matched 100%. While subsequent deposits are not matched, this makes it very easy for traders to get started in binary options trading with a very modest initial investment.


Due to its diverse range of assets, easy to use platform, and generous profit spreads, Top Option is one of the leading binary option brokers in the industry. Being fully registered and regulated under European Union financial law, it is also a safe option for traders. The company’s educational resources allow traders of any experience level to enter the binary options industry, and low position requirements make the platform accessible to traders with minimal investment capital. The platform offers versatile options for deposits and withdrawals, and requires a very low amount in order to open an account. Finally, investors can get a generous bonus of 50-100% of their first deposit up to £500 simply for opening an account with TopOption. All of these factors combine to make TopOption an excellent resource for traders of all income and experience levels, allowing virtually anyone to enter into the high return world of binary options trading.