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Gold Falls Ahead of Interest Rate Increase

Gold Falls Ahead of Interest Rate Increase As speculation of an increase in United States interest rates by the Federal Reserve continues to strengthen the dollar, a decrease in demand has driven the price of gold to a 5-year low. The price of gold has been falling for nearly 6 consecutive weeks, and reached a […]

Precious Metals and Gold Price Market Update 20/06/13

As the month of June begins to wrap up, we have a lot to reflect on and discuss. Gold and silver have made significant losses since the beginning of the month, and investors are currently unsure which direction they should be heading in. One of the most attention-grabbing stories we witnessed this month dealt with the […]

Cleaning Your Coins

A bright, sparkling coin is an item of beauty that will capture the eye and the shine is believed by many to be a pre-requisite of value. Of course this is not so, but misinformed, often novice, coin collectors will seek to bring their coins to a shine anyway. But cleaning coins is a science, […]

The London Mint Office Review

The first thing you’ll notice when opening the London Mint Office website is the regal blue and white colouring and the very official looking heraldic crest above the company name. The about us section describes the company as being partners with a number of national mints around the world, including Britain’s Royal Mint (although in […]

GoldMadeSimple Review

Review of GoldMadeSimple GoldMadeSimple, led by CEO Jason Cozens, is a relative newcomer to the gold investment market. Like other such online services, it is not regulated by the FSA as physical gold dealing is not regulated. GoldMadeSimple claims to offer the best gold prices in the UK today. Investing in Gold through GoldMadeSimple The […]

Gold or Silver?

Many investors looking at precious metals as a diversifying or speculative investment will think about investing in either gold or silver. Certainly there reasons for purchasing both, and an exposure to gold and silver can be achieved in much the same way: directly through the purchase of bullion products or coins, or through investment into […]

Coin Grading Guide

There are two main coin grading systems in use: the UK grading scale and the US grading scale. While it’s possible to grade coins yourself, doing so correctly takes years of experience. Though there is a scientific basis for grading, it really is more of an art that takes a keen eye and a high […]

Gold Investment and Taxes

Whilst investment into gold offers a great hedge against the effects of inflation, and as a store of value in times of economic or political uncertainty is almost unbeatable, the investor will always have to bear in mind the tax – and type of tax – that he will have to pay. These taxes will […]

Allocated Gold vs Unallocated Gold

An investor in physical gold has several options for the storage of that gold. He can, of course, take actual delivery of the gold he has bought and lock it away in a safe concealed in his cellar, or perhaps pay to keep his gold in a safety deposit box at a bank or specialist […]

Physical Gold v ETFs

When considering investing in gold, investors are turning in greater numbers to ETFs. Certainly, these financial instruments can be traded easily and quickly just like any publicly traded company share on a stock exchange. But are ETFs really better for the investor? Here we compare investment into gold, such as bullion bars, and investment into […]

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