Which Industries Will Bounce Back Quickest After The Pandemic?

June 30, 2020

Choosing stocks that are going to do well is a tricky business at the moment; the Covid-19 pandemic has hampered the confidence of many investors, and companies going from strength to strength six months ago are now struggling for air.

Investors must be particularly clever when choosing stocks at the moment, because the risk profile in so many industries is currently very high. Steer clear of industries which might be heavily impacted by a second wave of the coronavirus and back industries which have something to offer as we emerge from lockdown.

Online Shopping Will Lead The Way

It’s clear that, whether there is a second wave of the virus or not, online shopping is set to do well. During lockdown, many consumers who had previously avoided online shopping have grown more accustomed to it, and the growing trend towards buying online will likely continue while fear and uncertainty remain.

Online retailers might be good choices, as might online shopping platforms like Shopify (NYSE: SHOP).

Recreational Vehicles Are Back In

RVs and campervans haven’t been cool for a while, but it’s looking like they’re set to blaze the way forwards once again. As international travel slows down and busy transport hubs such as airports and train stations are avoided as virus hotspots, local vacations will no doubt see a resurgence in popularity.

This means camping equipment and recreational vehicles such as motorhomes will do well. Check out stocks like Thor Industries (NYSE: THO), the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles, and outdoorsy lifestyle brands like YETI Holdings (NYSE: YETI).

Robotics Are The Future

Robotics stocks have long been a top pick of many investors who can see the wide range of applications that robotics will have in tomorrow’s world. However, the pandemic may have brought some of these rewards forwards, as companies around the world explore robotics and automation as a practical way to navigate a new way of life with social distancing at its core. Companies like Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) and Blue Prism (LSE: PRSM).