Emerging Cannabis Industry In Germany As Legalisation Approaches

January 18, 2022

Sybiotic is a leading name in Germany’s emerging cannabinoid industry, which is about to explode following the announcement that cannabis will be legalised in the country.

At this stage, the government’s intentions are not entirely clear, but the plan is to enable the controlled sale of recreational cannabis to adults via licensed shops. Though there have been no details given regarding a timetable, it could set a game-changing precedent for the global marijuana industry.

The move will make Germany the world’s largest country to legalise recreational cannabis. It was agreed upon by the new German coalition government, citing fiscal benefits for the state in terms of tax revenues and savings on policing costs.

A Competitive Market

There will be a number of companies preparing to fight for a share of the new market when it arrives. There will be a requirement to adhere to ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’, though there are those that believe this to be inappropriate for recreational cannabis.

However, at present, it is a recognised standard of quality, but it is understood that some of Germany’s narcotics handling guidelines may need to be relaxed once legalisation arrives.

Keep A Watchful Eye

In any case, the news will open a compelling door for investment, with all the excitement of a new market for a growing global industry. Anyone with a mind to invest in legal cannabinoids should keep a watchful eye on the progression of things in Germany, and a finger on the pulse of the market as new players emerge to compete in the territory.

It may also impact other markets like security, as stores of the substances could be vulnerable to theft from organised crime looking to sell in other markets.

There will also be concerns about whether the high standards will be enough to convince everyone that new cannabis products are safe.

The expectation is that the German government will proceed with caution and things will move slowly, so don’t expect dramatic leaps forward in the near future. Instead, look out for headlines that progress is being made and opportunities to invest early on to reap the rewards of early activity when the German cannabis market opens.