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March 3, 2015


Banc De Binary
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In the world of binary options trading, few platforms are as long lived and reliable as Banc De Binary, a leader in binary options trading since its foundation in 2008. Boasting more than a quarter of a million clients worldwide, as well as an impressive list of available trading assets, Banc De Binary is a trusted and diverse platform for trading binary options in the online marketplace.

Platform and Available Assets

Banc De Binary’s trading platform is unique within the binary options trading world. Stocks, commodities, indices, and Forex based currency pairs are all available as part of the binary options. This gives traders a diverse range of assets to pick from. It also ensures that traders well versed in the market data and performance of a certain type of asset from previous trading experience will be able to easily apply their expertise in that field to binary options trading.

Banc De Binary also offers a generous return spread on successful trades. Generally speaking, a trade in which a trader correctly predicted the movement of an asset will net a return of between 65% and 91%. This return on investment is, of course, much higher than almost any traditional trading form. Traders also have the option of selecting the duration of their trade. The fastest trade is 60 seconds, with the longest duration clocking in at 30 minutes. This allows traders to select from short or long binary trades.

Traders who wish to may also use an option building tool to create custom binary options in which one asset is measured against another. This type of trade is similar to a standard Forex pairing, but can be made up of any two available assets, thus increasing the versatility of the platform for professional binary options traders.

There is also a wide range of amounts in which trades can be made. With a minimum trade amount of only $1, Banc De Binary allows new traders to easily test the waters and make small trades to gain experience. The maximum trade amount on a standard account is $3000. This can, however, be increased by upgrading to a VIP account.

Banc De Binary’s platform is also fully responsive as a mobile version. This mobile platform can be used on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry mobile devices.

Customer Service and Support

Banc De Binary has a full support staff ready and willing to answer questions from traders. A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions is, of course, available on the website. However, in the event that a trader has a questions which is not addressed there, there are many ways to directly contact a support specialist. Customer service may be contacted via live text based chat, Skype, phone, or email.

In addition to this useful customer support, a full trader learning center is available on Banc De Binary’s website. Common questions about binary options trading are answered in depth for beginning traders, allowing them to quickly learn everything they need to know to begin making informed and well thought out trades.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits made to a trading account on Banc De Binary can be sent via wire transfer, credit or debit card deposit, or Skrill transfer, which is a money transfer service similar to Paypal. Deposits are required to be a minimum of $250, and withdrawals must be at least $50.

Three currencies are supported on the Banc De Binary system. Trades may be made in US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds Sterling. However, the platform cannot be used to convert between currencies. In other words, the currency which you deposit in is the one in which withdrawal payments will be made.


Banc De Binary offers a generous incentive bonus program. New traders are often given bonuses for depositing a certain amount into their account, while regular traders can receive bonuses for continuing to trade. Bonuses vary, but can range up to 100% of a given deposit. In addition, traders with VIP accounts can receive regular rebate bonuses.


Given its wide range of trading assets, high return on investment rate, friendliness and ease of use for beginner traders, and generous bonus program, Banc De Binary is definitely one of the best platforms for binary options trading. Used to makes informed trades, the platform can allow traders to realize a very impressive rate of growth on their deposit. Binary options accounts with Banc De Binary are also fully insured to a total of $250,000, allowing traders to rest assured that their money is safe and guaranteed in the event of any type of security breach.