UBS See London As Financial Centre Post-Brexit

The giant Swiss investment bank UBS has gone on record saying London should still be Europe’s financial core after Brexit, and it will do its utmost to keep as many staff as it can in the city. The comments came from UBS’s investment banking head Andrea Orcel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where […]

Lloyds Ban Credit Card Bitcoin Payments

Lloyds bans credit card payments purchasing Bitcoin Lloyds Banking Group has banned its customers from purchasing the Bitcoin cryptocurrency using any credit card issued by the group. The group includes MBNA, Halifax and Bank of Scotland and is believed to be the first banking group to ban customers planning to use credit card funds to […]

Oil Prices Set To Increase

After years in the doldrums, signs are emerging that oil might be in line for a comeback, nearly four years after its value fell dramatically in mid-2014. With Brent Crude recovering to $65 a barrel on a generally upward trend, thoughts will turn to the $100 a barrel days before the price crash, which saw […]

IndyRef2 Causes Market Uncertainty

Scottish Independence Debate May Hinder Business Again The SNP has once again locked horns with the UK’s central government. They want a second referendum to decide if Scotland should leave the UK, and join the EU. Despite some serious push back from Theresa May, a wave of support for the argument has gathered momentum. Less than 3 […]