Investing In AIM Shares – Advantages and Pitfalls

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is a subsection of the London Stock Exchange that, due to fewer financial regulations, allows for more investment freedom but also more risk if that freedom is used unwisely. Smaller companies often take advantage of the AIM system as they try to spur business growth. Some companies graduate to the […]

Alibaba Proceeds to Go to Shareholders

Yahoo has announced its plans to return proceeds from its deal with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to shareholders. It had originally estimated that the deal would be valued at $7.1 billion. Current estimates for the deal with Alibaba estimate it at a far higher value. Sunday Night Deal Making Alibaba and yahoo struck the deal […]

U.S. Real Estate Market Prospects in 2012

The U.S. real estate market has taken a bad thrashing the last four years. Long gone are the days when it floated high in the sky in mid-2007 with property valuations approaching averages of a half million dollars ( Worse yet, home prices continued to drop again in the first quarter of 2012, signaling to […]

The Risk of Euro Collapse in 2012

The Euro is bleeding in the water because of the European financial crisis and many critics as well as doomsayers are circling around the victim. Background Europe has remained unable to step away from the collapse of its financial systems after the U.S. real estate market crash in 2008. With many of its banks tied […]

Oil Investing Prospects for 2012 and Forward

Investing in oil has always been a blend of betting on corporate projection with a dash of a casino roulette thrown in. The problem is that oil is clearly not just business alone. International politics cause just as much influence on investments as supply and demand. Because of these elements and others, investors can see […]

Is Florida a Buy, Hold, or a Sell?

Is Florida a Buy, Hold, or a Sell? The first 5 to 7 years of the 2000’s, especially in the United States will forever be known for a period when a house had become an asset that was viewed the same way Wall Street views a stock. Financing was easy and cheap to come by, […]

Spreadco Review

Spreadco Review Spreadco is a relatively newly established business that is based in North West London.  Although it isn’t based in the City like many of the top spread betting firms are, they are Financial Services Act regulated and as professional as the biggest players in the market.  We will now look at some of […]

Wine Investment For Beginners

Investors finding difficulty in today’s volatile stock and bond markets or simply looking for something fresh and unique may find new avenues of opportunity in the market for wine. Most investment-grade wine trading occurs by the case, which contains twelve standard-sized wine bottles. The most sought-after fine wines can sell for upwards of £8000 per […]

Bull run in Gold, or Fools Gold?

Typically investing in gold is referred to as a safe haven. It is touted as a way to protect your portfolio during volatile markets. Depending on how much television you watch, you may find it hard to view an entire show and not recall one or two commercials telling you that now is the time to buy […]

Asian Markets Rose Then Retracted

Asian Markets Rose Then Retracted On Monday, Asian stock markets rose. Hopes that slow U.S. growth would be boosted by the recent measures taken by the Federal Reserve pushed Asian stocks up. In Hong Kong, Hang Seng rose a total of 1.1 percent to finish at 20,978.72. Across the ocean in Singapore and Indonesia, stocks […]

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