Lower Oil Prices Predicted Amid Gulf Tensions

Lower Oil Prices Predicted Amid Gulf Tensions A growing diplomatic rift between OPEC member states Iran and Saudi Arabia has led to speculation that oil prices in 2016, already predicted as a continuation of 2015’s declining price trend, will drop even more than previously expected. The diplomatic crisis between the two nations, combined with the […]

Oil Prices Decline in Four Day Slide

Oil Prices Decline in Four Day Slide For four consecutive trading days, the price of oil has been on a slow but steady decline. On Wednesday, the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil fell to $37.16, the lowest price since a major but short-lived price drop in 2009. As a global glut […]

Japan Plans Spending Increase to Combat Economic Stagnation

Japan Plans Spending Increase to Combat Economic Stagnation Long one of the world’s most productive economies, Japan is now facing an economic stall. In an effort to stimulate consumer spending, the Japanese government has planned a large stimulus package which is expected to be announced next month. Even though Japan’s unemployment fell to a 20-year […]

European Central Bank Eyes Further Interest Rate Cuts

The European Central Bank is now considering a further reduction of interest rates on money stored within its banking system. This comes in contradiction to its earlier statement that interest rates had reached a low point that could not be realistically gone beyond, as the bank’s interest rate is already negative. A decision by ECB […]

Greece Secures Terms for Bailout

Following a new series of negotiations with Eurozone leaders, the Greek government has secured the terms necessary to unlock its latest round of bailout funding. The funding in question is part of a July agreement for further bailouts once reforms had been instituted in Greece. The country has already received €13 billion under this round […]

Taiwan Classifies Bitcoin as an Illegal Asset

Following the recent kidnapping of a prominent Hong Kong businessman whose captors demanded a ransom paid in Bitcoin, Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Committee Chairman Tseng Ming-Chun declared on Monday that Bitcoin transactions would no longer be legal in Taiwan. The move comes after prolonged resistance on the part of the FSC to the popularity of Bitcoin […]

Amazon Files Lawsuit against Fake Reviewers

Amazon Files Lawsuit against Fake Reviewers Retail giant Amazon has filed a lawsuit against 1,114 members of the online freelancing site Fiverr for offering to provide fake product reviews for fees as low as $5. At present, the lawsuit identifies the sellers only as “John Does”, because of the anonymity that accompanies online selling. The […]

Belarus Contemplates Economic Reforms

As Russia’s economy continues to slide due to falling oil prices worldwide, its neighbor and economic partner, Belarus, is facing some tough times of its own. The former Soviet republic is still, in many respects, following the economic model established by the communist government of the USSR. The hard line government of Belorussian President Alexander […]

British Interest Rates May Rise Sooner than Expected

According to a statement made by Kirstin Forbes, a policymaker with the Bank of England, interest rates may return to more normal levels sooner than many economists have predicted. She went on to suggest that the perception of risk exposure in the British economy to negative conditions in developing countries may be overstated. Several economists, […]

Dell Closes Deal to Acquire EMC

Dell Closes Deal to Acquire EMC Privately owned PC manufacturer Dell has officially completed negotiations and formalized an agreement to acquire EMC, a publicly traded data storage provider. The deal is the largest tech acquisition in history, coming in at a staggering $67 billion. The acquisition will be completed at a total of $33.15 per […]

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