Could 2017 Be The Perfect Year For Equities?

December 18, 2017

Cast your mind back 12 months, did you think we’d be having the type of year we have in equities? I know I didn’t. There was a lot of doom and gloom out there…but all we have seen is green, green and more green. European worries are all behind us, populism is back in check, sovereign debt is under control and growth is back on track…plus, Trump hasn’t delivered any of the economic worries that were forecast.

We’ve never seen more record closes and less volatility in the market, ever. Lets run through some of the amazing market stats that today gave us:

A sign of excess, or just the beginning?

We should also mention LongFin, which saw absolutely crazy price action today. LFIN IPO’d on Thursday, opening at 6.65. The company is basically a FinTech company, that uses all the current buzzwords in it’s marketing, that offers FX hedging solutions. A day after it IPO’d it announce that it acquired a blockchain company. All aboard the rocket ship! Today price hit $142.82, and was halted a over 15 times today due to volatility.

LongFin – wild ride.

This is a sign of excess. It’s similar to the way internet companies traded in the tech bubble. This is the crypto bubble hitting the equities market…and it could just be the beginning.